An easy way to get rid of ObamaCare?

I received a correspondence from Bob Dohnal of the WI Conservative Digest whose pieces are often posted here as guest blogs. In the following Dohnal is referring to former US Secretary of Health and Human Services and former WI Governor Tommy Thompson.

Tommy and Obama Care!

    Tommy told us that there is another way to change Obamacare that no one is talking about.  He went over it with Trump and Ryan.

      Obamacare was passed on 12/24, Christmas Eve.  First time Senate had been in session since Pearl Harbor Day.

      The bills were different in the House and Senate, so they passed another law allowing the HSS Sec. to make all the Rules and Regs, by herself, therefore the Sec. of HSS can redo them, change them, drop them to get rid of the onerous parts.

     Getting rid of Obamacare is not just repealing  it, it is tough.  20 million people on it.  Trump said:  “Repeal and Replace” so it will be work.

     Give our guys the chance to get it done right , no yelling the 2nd day.


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