Franklin has a very nice Independence Day parade. Always draws large, enthusiastic crowds. This year’s was the biggest ever with the most units to participate in the 4th of July event.

While the parade grows each and every year so does the debate that begins days before.

On one of the Franklin social media sites, June 30, 2016:

People were putting chairs out yesterday for parade Monday. This does not seem right to me…

That was by far the most under-stated comment about the concern. Others fully freaked out that residents were putting chairs out along the parade route in order to secure guaranteed spots. You’d have thought it was the Apocalypse.

Not fair they cried!

How selfish!

People will have nowhere to go on the morning of the parade!

There were calls for police to confiscate the chairs.

One badly misinformed writer charged that the folks staking their claims were in violation of a city ordinance. When confronted to supply the ordinance details and a link to them he couldn’t…BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH ORDINANCE.

Holy Hot Seat Batman! Chairgate had erupted in Franklin!

The morning of the 4th came, and with all the fireworks on social media there seemed to be room for everyone.


And once it was all over parade-goers seemed to forget about the blow-up over the chairs and focused elsewhere.

Ann Formankiewicz Adamski, a member of Franklin’s Civic Celebrations Board took to social media to ask, other than early chair set-up, what could be done to improve the parade?

What’s that old expression? Be careful what you ask  for.

To be sure, most (not all) loved the parade. But a clear majority wants changes, including action to reduce the snooze fest component of the parade: nothing happening for lengthy periods of time. It’s a definite issue.

Consider the following. Members of the UW marching band performed July 2 at Franklin’s party. Suppose, and call this silly if you like, but suppose the band played a number and then walked off backstage and returned 5-10 minutes later to perform their next selection, and did this several times. I’m guessing you wouldn’t like it, sending you to the beer tent.

Planners for the parade (who as volunteers need to be commended) should, at the same time, be aware of what the public is saying, especially since one specifically inquired. Here are some of the edited comments:

think it’s one of the worst parades I have been too. There’s nothing exciting. Just local businesses advertising. No horses. No clowns. No marching bands. This is my third year and it seems like the worst one yet. Hate to be negative but it’s my opinion and the opinion of everyone I was with this year.

To many gaps I would say, we have to figure something out. It is something that turns people off from coming to the parade.

Worst one yet! Too many lulls between stuff.

Parade was aweful. South Shore Drill team was fantastic. Too many politicians and too much advertising. Heard this was going to be a great parade since it was Franklin’s 60th anniversary. But don’t think it lived up to the hype. It also should not have lasted as long as it did.

Parade is too long, people lost interest at the end and started packing up. The gaps became too much by the end. Also Franklin high school band should have the entire band there like most other high schools.

Gaps have always been frustrating.

I thought it was sad that so very few of our FHS Band members were in the parade. We need more music and bands. Makes it more fun to watch.

Timing is horrible!! The gaps are ridiculous!! When there is 5-10minuted between “floats” that’s not ok!!

Nice, but needs better spacing. We always end up leaving during the long durations.

If in the end it turns out the gaps can’t be avoided so be it, we tried, but our parade will be better off for trying!

I personally don’t think gaps are the issue. I just think there needs to be more Talent and a little bit less advertising. A person driving their car with a magnetic sticker on it advertising their business is not very entertaining

I agree way too many gaps

Too many. Unless you like 10 minutes between the local church and local insurance company units.

The guy on the circular motorcycle was entertaining and the South Shore group at the end was a blast to watch. More of that could bring some excitement back into it

The drill team was incredible!! The only problem I had was the long lulls between groups. At times it was several minutes between groups.

we were bombarded with a plethora of politics, minimal entertainment, and huge gaps.

Nice parade always with local performing groups but gaps were too many and too long. Loved the South Shore Drill team.

The band from Chicago was a huge hit! More of that sort of entertainment

Large gaps at Loomis and Drexel. Maybe marked spots for entertaining? And it didn’t help that there were tons of people crossing in front of acts. Would love a way to get floats in the parade too.


Trash receptacle would be helpful as well as many of the people around me were just tossing the candy wrappers or their juice boxes/water bottles on the road.

My biggest gripe….with everyone so concerned with getting their beloved spot, they failed to clean up after themselves. Piles of beer cans, candy wrappers, cups etc, just left behind. Inconsiderate and entitled community members 😦 Makes me sad this is what you are teaching your children. I am VERY thankful we have a great DPW that cleans up after your wasteful/sorry people who can’t clean up after yourselves!


Look, it’s a nice parade, but could be nicer if organizers would not be in denial, take these suggestions to heart (except the one just linked to) and  work their magic to make improvements. A recent report suggested a new state law will allow Franklin to keep its hotel tax revenue and use however it wants. There are rumblings Franklin will use that opportunity to promote itself in an effort to draw more visitors. More funding for the parade? More entertainment options? Some garbage cans?


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