Recommended Reading (12/24/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

How Charlie Sykes Helped Turn Wisconsin Red

Sykes helped to create a climate of opinion in Wisconsin that led to actual policy results. With the steady, smart, daily spadework of persuasion, Sykes opened his microphones to conservative reformers in politics, education, and the courts. Long before the “blue wall” crumbled in the 2016 electoral map, Charlie Sykes had been scaling the ramparts of Wisconsin’s entrenched liberal fortresses.

How Women in Media Missed the Women’s Vote

How many times did we hear that women—more than half the voting population, remember—would thrill to the prospect of breaking the “highest, hardest glass ceiling?” How many articles chronicled the disgust women felt for the sexist comments and stories of groping by the Republican candidate? The mismeasure of the women’s vote couldn’t be because men were driving the conversation. Over the past few decades, women have filled campaign staff rooms, press pools, and media opinion pages.

No, ironically, the problem is that women in media have spun their own cocoon.

Michelle Obama’s ‘Hopelessnes’ Shows it Sucks to be a Liberal

It’s a shame that Michelle Obama says she’s feeling hopeless this Christmas, especially after all the wonderful opportunities she’s had as America’s first lady. It goes to show you that liberalism is like a disease that won’t be satisfied until it devours all of you. Undoubtedly, all the designer gown-wearing, Hollywood hobnobbing, $100-per-serving wagyu steak indulging and taxpayer-funded globetrotting won’t fix the hopelessness which ails her. It’s hard to be hope-filled when you tangle yourself in a web of bitterness and resentment over America’s past.

The Christmas Story Retold in Light of the Ghoulish Practices of Planned Parenthood

At this time of the year, in churches around the world, the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke will be read afresh, describing the miraculous births of Jesus and His forerunner John. In light of a recent 500-page Senate report, detailing some of the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood, I thought it good to retell the story, but with a striking new twist.

Liberals Are Coming To Christmas Dinner: A Survival Guide

As they choke down their Tofurkey and kale, constantly remark on how delicious whatever kind of meat you’re eating is. Do not serve yourself a lot when the plate is passed; just take a little so you can ask them to pass it a few more times.

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