Franklin Common Council news

Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm is running for re-election next spring and will have no opponent. This is bad news not only for her aldermanic district (that I live in) but for the city.

Wilhelm has been one of the primary causes of the dysfunctional operation of the Franklin Common Council, a major obstructionist clearly to blame for Franklin’s lack of commercial growth. Her representation as well as her behavior at meetings have drawn deserved criticism. As long as she remains on the Council the prospects of progress remain dim.

I do get some personal consolation from another Wilhelm term. Just imagine the blog fodder she’ll provide.

Some good news. Alderwoman Susanne Mayer, a naïve follower of Wilhelm and her antics is not running for re-election after a bumbling and stumbling performance during her first and only disappointing term. No word yet on who might run for that seat.

One disaster down. But one stays.

7 thoughts on “Franklin Common Council news

  1. The ” Environmental Warrior” will continue to stifle and obfuscate progress in Franklin while neighboring cities establish commerce zones and flourish while we flounder. Ironically, the “Environmental Warrior” has no problem with select constituents in her district using public parks as extensions of their back yards and mowing paths through native vegetation with her permission, as they seek to get off the beaten path. Apparently being the “Queen” has it’s perks.


  2. As Queen, the “Environmental Warrior” was able to wrangle an off budget sidewalk to the tune of $300,000 plus, in front of her condo on College Ave. How she managed to coerce a budget amendment last year to accommodate the nice sidewalk is stuff of legend. A handy source of funds just happened to be the Parks Impact Fee fund and without consulting the Parks Commission, the funds were made available under the concept of the sidewalk being a trail. I am not against environmental stewardship, but become suspicious when the “cloak of the cause” gets tossed aside to satisfy a personal agenda. Just saying. .


    • David, even though you are completely accurate in your observations, you do realize that you have made yourself an even bigger target than before by those who put personal pettiness ahead of what’s best for the city. They will be gunning for you, mainly because you speak the truth.

      Merry Christmas, fellow freedom fighter!


      • I call them like I see them. I could care less about those who take issue with what I say or want to gun for me. To them I say, shoot straight..Franklin will never move forward as long as personal interests rank above the interests of the citizens. It must be frustrating for Mayor Olsen to have to try to keep order and move the interests of the city forward when there are personal agendas in play. As a city, we have much to offer citizens. Politics, for some reason, has always stood in the way of achieving better outcomes for the city.


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