The latest pro-life news (12/19/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Steve Mosher to speak at two events

Pro-Life Wisconsin will host the president of the Population Research Institute at two dinners in March 2017

Steven Mosher will share stories from his time in China, where he personally witnessed forced abortions. He’ll also tell his own conversion story, how he went to China as an atheist and eventually became a pro-life Catholic.

An Evening with Steven Mosher is Tuesday, March 28, at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Waukesha.

The Living Courage Awards Dinner is Wednesday, March 29 at the Crowne Plaza in Madison.

Both events are $35 and include dinner. More information and how to reserve a seat will be available soon.

We hope you can attend one of these great events this spring.

God bless,
Pro-Life Wisconsin staff

Huge news!

All gifts through Dec. 31 are now doubled up to $100,000!

The Pro-Life Wisconsin matching gift campaign just got a gigantic boost. Over the weekend some very generous contributors have raised the stakes.

We originally had an opportunity to have up to $25,000 matched dollar for dollar, but now we have a chance at another $75,000.

If you’ve made your contribution, thank you.

Your generosity has already raised $22,951 toward our new goal of $100,000 so we’re more than 1/5 of the way there.

Please be generous and make this opportunity count!

Pro-Life News

TAXPAYER ABORTIONS: While the total number of abortions in (Minnesota) is declining gradually, taxpayer funding of abortion has risen most years since 1995. Minnesota taxpayers now pay for 43.3 percent of all abortions performed in the state, according to MDH’s 2015 statistics—the highest percentage ever. PLW: It’s tragic that those of us who recognize the humanity of the preborn and the sanctity of human life are forced to pay for the destruction of others.

WOMEN’S HEALTH CARE: What about those “other services” at Planned Parenthood? Well, they’re in a free fall. Breast cancer screenings…down 51.3 percent in the last five years. PAP tests…down 64.7 percent. HPV treatments…down 37 percent. PLW: Planned Parenthood may have name recognition, but they don’t have a monopoly on women’s health care. Most women are going elsewhere when they have genuine health care needs.

ILLINOIS: Pregnancy centers in Northern Illinois have filed a lawsuit asking for a preliminary injunction against a law that would require them to hand out information or referrals to patients who are asking about abortion. PLW: More and more health clinics will be pushed into referring for abortions or face heavy sanctions if they don’t fall into line. We pray that these unfair restrictions – often on religious based businesses – are ruled unconstitutional soon.

CHOOSE LIFE LICENSE PLATES: On Friday, NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin issued a statement condemning the license plates, and labeling crisis pregnancy centers as “fake women’s clinics.” PLW: When NARAL – that is, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League – is upset, we’re doing something right. If you missed the announcement, see how Pro-Life Wisconsin worked with Wisconsin Family Action to get these license plates approved.

TEXAS: A federal judge on Thursday blocked a new state rule that requires fetal remains resulting from an abortion or miscarriage be buried or cremated regardless of the length of gestation or the woman’s wishes. PLW: Laws like this Texas one show respect for human life, even those lives lost to abortion.

OKLAHOMA: A provision of a new Oklahoma law requires all public schools, health care centers and restaurants to post pro-life information inside their bathrooms. The regulation is part of a new law requiring Oklahoma to promote the information “for the purpose of achieving an abortion-free society.” PLW: We love this goal of the Oklahoma legislature and know that more education about the science of human development will save lives.

DEAR PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Again, I’m not asking that you change your views, but I am asking for an acknowledgement that abortion is an act that terminates a life. What holds you back from simply admitting as much? PLW: This journalist asks Planned Parenthood to use the truth as they counsel women about abortion. His candid questions deserve answers, but we’ll hear nothing from the leaders of the abortion giant.

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From WI Right To Life.


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