It will be the most contentious issue in the state Legislature in 2017

Not abortion.


Prevailing wage.

K-12 aid.




Last week WUWM’s Ann- Elise Henzl reported on a state Assembly Committee public hearing on the matter and did a good job of presenting the various angles and views on how to address a transportation dilemma.

Please listen/read and you’ll hear the best quote, from Transportation Secretary Gottlieb:

“I don’t know if your constituents would rather have their bridges designed by bridge engineers or legislators. I guess that’s a question you could ask them.”

I won’t mention names but some who I consider to be extremely bright have called for Wisconsin to examine new sources of transportation revenue.


Might that include an increase in Wisconsin’s gas tax, already one of the highest in the nation?

The implementation of toll roads?

Increase fees?

Impose a yearly mileage tax, based on usage?


Gee, if I was a member of the state Legislature I would really hate to be the one to propose,  support, or vote for one of those ideas.

Here’s a column by state Senator Duey Stroebel that addresses the sky is falling crowd that you need to read if you missed it a few months ago.


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