The latest pro-life news (12/12/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Choose Life Wisconsin
Wisconsin administration approves pro-life license plate

Last week, Choose Life Wisconsin Inc. announced it is now an authorized group with the Department of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of requesting a specialty license plate. The Choose Life Wisconsin license plate originated with Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Family Action partnering on the idea and working together throughout the long administrative and legislative process.

“The choose life plate has been almost ten years in the making,” Julaine Appling, Choose Life Wisconsin president, said. “We are excited that within the next eight to twelve months, Wisconsin pro-life citizens will be able to purchase a beautiful license plate that expresses their views on life while also directly helping our state’s life-saving, woman-helping pregnancy resource centers.”

Choose Life plates are now available in more than 30 states. Since the first plate was approved in Florida nearly 20 years ago, over $23 million has been raised nationwide to assist with adoption and other life-affirming educational work.

“We have experienced increasing demand for a ‘Choose Life’ license plate in Wisconsin over the last five years,” Matt Sande, Choose Life Wisconsin vice-president, said. “We are confident the plate will sell quickly, and we are excited to open up a funding stream for Wisconsin’s pregnancy resource centers, which offer health services, adoption referrals, and in general help women in crisis pregnancies make life-saving choices.”

If you missed the announcement on Wednesday, read it all here.

You can also see media coverage of the license plate approval here or here.

Pro-Life News

PERSONHOOD:  The push to confer full “personhood” status on every fertilized human egg has been rejected by voters and lawmakers in state after state, including deep-red Mississippi. But activists are cautiously hopeful that their cause could get a boost from Republicans who are about to assume leadership in WashingtonPLW: Pro-Life Wisconsin is a founding member of the Personhood Alliance and strongly advocates measures at the state and federal levels to establish and promote full personhood rights for preborn children from conception.

SHOPPING: Shoppers can cross one company off their naughty list this Christmas: Macy’s! The department store is proving that it has some wise men of its own with the store’s recent decision to stop supporting Planned Parenthood. PLW: We support shoppers using their conscience as they decide which stores to support with their dollars – find more information about companies that support the abortion giant at 2nd Vote.

CELEBRITY EMBRYOS: Actress Sofia Vergara is attempting to stop her former fiancé from gaining custody of the couple’s frozen embryos. The case just gets uglier from there. PLW: For so many reasons, taking sex outside of the safe confines of marriage causes complications and confusion – including this celebrity custody battle.

TOM PRICE: Price would likely take women back seven years to the notorious hell-scape of 2009, when people had to shell out around $10 a month for birth control pills. PLW: Read this tongue-in-cheek response to feminists whining about having to pay for their own birth control and invest in their own “healthcare,” like abortion.

MEXICO CITY POLICY: When it comes to the Mexico City policy, it’s widely expected that President Trump will put it back in place. PLW: The Mexico City Policy, first instated by Ronald Reagan, states that U.S. aid dollars can’t be used for promoting abortion around the globe. Under Barack Obama, federal tax dollars have been used for promoting abortion in family planning programs.

STUDENTS REACT: Students for Life members composed the emails, focusing on discouraging Alzheimer’s research performed on aborted fetal tissue, Tuesday evening at the Indiana Memorial Union. PLW: Indiana University students are pushing back against the school’s administration that wants to use aborted baby body parts for research.

NEW YORK: Mayor Bill DeBlasio has made a vow that the city of New York will pay for abortions out of its own coffers for women seeking them. PLW: According to Abort73, in 2013, approximately 37.4 percent of all pregnancies in New York City (excluding miscarriages) ended in abortion, and DeBlasio apparently wants to keep it that way.

OBAMACARE: Mark Rienzi, lead attorney for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, seems confident Donald Trump’s campaign promises to repeal some or all of the Affordable Care Act would very likely put the contraceptive issue off the table. PLW: We’re encouraged by recent appointments of pro-life individuals in Trump’s administration, and we continue to pray for changes that allow everyone to freely exercise our First Amendment freedom of religion right.

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From WI Right To Life.



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