UPDATE: Supervisor Steve F. Taylor (Privileged to Serve) November 2016 E-Newsletter

Previously on This Just In…

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor gave reasons why he voted against the recently approved county budget.

“The County budget was adopted on November 7th by a vote of 11-7. Supervisor Taylor voted NO as he felt that more sacrifices needed to be made due to projected future deficits. Items like the GO Pass (reduced fare bus rides to seniors and individuals with qualifying disabilities) need to be eliminated…”

Sounds like it could be construed as mean-spirited. But it’s not, and it’s true.

The update. Actually a reminder.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in late 2014, the Milwaukee County Board approved a free bus ride program known as GO Pass over the veto of County Executive Chris Abele and required it to start in April of 2015.

In late March 2015 the Milwaukee County Board gave its approval once again, despite hearing concerns about potential costs from the Comptroller’s office.

The pass allows all Milwaukee County residents 65 and older unlimited free rides on Milwaukee County Transit System buses. The free pass is also available for residents with disabilities who meet certain requirements.

Of course it’s not free.

Steve Taylor voted against GO Pass.

Good move.


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