Culinary no-no #497

Before our daughter, Kyla was born Jennifer and I vacationed here several times.

We loved the fact their Orlando theme parks featured many of these.

Thrill ride after thrill ride. Kyla, now 7, is already becoming a daredevil when it comes to coasters so we’ll be returning someday to Universal, possibly here.

The lovely Portofino Bay Resort, designed to look like the real deal in Italy.

On our departure morning from the hotel in Orlando I had a craving. One of very nice shops sold gelato. Today it’s called the Gelateria.

And back then it wasn’t open until around lunch time. But the day we left I wanted a rum raisin. Somehow we had not visited the gelato place and I wanted to before heading to the airport.

The doors were open but the store was deserted. A male manager emerged from in the back and asked if we needed something. He told us they were closed but when we told him we (I) was hoping for gelato at 9:30 in the morning he made an exception. As I recall he didn’t want to charge us but we insisted on paying up.

Did we feel guilty? Gelato so early in the day?

I wonder how we now as parents would react if Kyla requested a similar treat in the morning.


I might cave, but it’s entirely possible Jennifer might have a minor conniption.

After all, c’mon!

Oatmeal. Fresh fruit. Some cereal. A granola bar. Those are the proper choices

Ice cream?

A super obvious no-no. Right?


Could it be Jennifer and I made not only the appropriate but wise call that early morning in Orlando years and years ago and should have stuck with it since?


But since the research remains inconclusive I’ll stick with gravy on my country fried chicken.



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