Are you dreading this year’s Thanksgiving dinner?

You know, because we now have this evil President-elect and some family member might just start a royal rumble with in-your-face rudeness even before the taco dip comes out.

How to cope? How to face those, YUCK, Trump voters.

There are therapists. Support groups. Play-doh. Post-it notes. Safety pins. NPR. The NY Times.Starbucks baristas.

And what about Trump supporters? They undoubtedly will have to deal with the unhinged who haven’t quite gotten done with their temper tantrum.

Is there still time to run out to a bookstore or the library?

Image result for image, photo, book I can't believe I'm sitting next to a republican writes:

With biting wit and amusing personal anecdotes Harry Stein’s I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican chronicles the every day survival of those plucky conservatives marooned in liberal bastions that loathe them, from Manhattan to Hollywood-and even deep bleu France. The result is a conservative’s guide to love, work, dinner party mischief and staying un-smeared in liberal America.

I always enjoy Tom Purcell’s columns and he has another winner focusing on the above book. And yes, Purcell’s column is geared toward conservatives because for the most part they will definitely be the more gracious bunch. The folks looking to pick a fight will be the warm and fuzzies.

Happy @#$%&%$!#@X INCOMING GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE! Thanksgiving.


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