The latest pro-life news (11/21/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

What’s for dinner?

We have the solution. Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Meatless Fridays 2 cookbook is published!

After spending the summer compiling recipes from our supporters, staff, board members and pro-life leaders from around the country, Meatless Fridays 2 is complete.

We couldn’t have published the cookbook without your support.

For this edition, your purchase includes both an online version and the hard copy for $18. If you order by Dec. 16, you’ll have the cookbook in time for Christmas.

Call the Pro-Life Wisconsin office at (262) 796-1111 to order your copy, and we’ll send it out as soon as they arrive.

Pro-Life News

LATE-TERM ABORTION: Warren Hern is 78 and has been providing safe, legal, late-term abortions for decades at his practice in Boulder, Colorado. But just a week before the Nov. 8 election, Hern was notified of the congressional investigation. PLW: Abortion is never safe for the child involved. We’re glad these investigations into the selling of aborted baby body parts are happening, but Pro-Life Wisconsin absolutely opposes any violence against abortion providers.

SCOTLAND: The Scottish First Minister has said the Scottish government will look into the possibility of giving Northern Irish women free abortions. PLW: Protests over Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, which states life begins at conception and outlaws abortion, are moving to other countries. It’s clear that the culture of death will grow when information is lacking.

HOOSIERS FOR LIFE: Hoosiers For Life argues that because the Indiana Code already states that human life begins at conception, there should not be exceptions that allow women to terminate their pregnancy. PLW: If the Roe v. Wade decision is overturned under a newly appointed Supreme Court justice, the decision on abortion will be left to the states. And if states have personhood laws in place protecting the preborn, abortion will be outlawed.

STATES: As it stands, only seven states have laws in place allowing a woman to kill her preborn child. PLW: When Roe was decided, abortion was legal in very few states – the Supreme Court decision spread the “right to abortion,” when it wasn’t even popular. Many states that don’t outright legalize abortion have exceptions, allowing abortion in some cases.

99 PERCENT: The Washington Post uncovers the real statistics behind Planned Parenthood’s frequent citing that 99 percent of U.S. women have used birth control. PLW: The survey used shows that 88 percent of women used contraception – which was so loosely defined that it included Natural Family Planning methods. NFP is not contraception.

BIRTH CONTROL:Women came out in force “thanking” birth control for the freedom they have. This campaign serves to show that some think women can’t “have it all” – a career, reach dreams, travel – unless she takes a pill to change herself. That’s incredibly demeaning and sexist – not empowering. The entire campaign ignored the horrible side effects of hormonal birth control, like depression, weight gain and mood swings.

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From WI Right To Life.


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