Today’s Journal Sentinel includes a column by psychotherapist Philip Chard that focus on the election. Here are some excerpts:

The day after the presidential election, my work email overflowed with new messages…many reported feelings far more intense or even extreme.  These included dread, shock and despair, the kinds of emotional reactions usually associated with severe psychological trauma.

Again, many of my colleagues reported the same acute reactions among those seeking their input.

In some instances, individuals who visited with me were all but speechless, as if in shock.  They seemed more in need of a comforting presence than a listening ear.  Others erupted in disbelief, catharsis or tears, clearly needing to unload the corrosive emotions inhabiting their souls.

It should come as no surprise that many in my profession are moderate to liberal in their political views. 

“I feel just as much angst as my clients,” one counselor told me.  “It’s hard to provide reassurance when I’m just as rattled as they are.”

When Clinton’s supporters ask me how to deal with their downtrodden feelings, I respond with what we know works — action.  “Put your beliefs into action,” I told many.  “Take the negative energy rattling around inside and push it out into the world in a positive way.”

“Take the negative energy…push it out into the world in a positive way.”

Oakland: Protesters clash with police in Oakland, California, where one of the most violent rallies was held Wednesday

Oakland: A protester throws a bottle at police officers  as violence boiled over after a tumultuous 24 hours

Oakland: Planks of wood, cones and other detritus is set alight in the city, close to San Francisco 

Oakland: A member of the public tries to scrub away 'Kill Trump' graffiti as demonstrators riot in California

“Take the negative energy…push it out into the world in a positive way.”

I guess not.

Here’s some advice.






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