The latest pro-life news (11/14/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

November’s pro-lifer of the month

Jen Dunnett lives the pro-life message, all year, everyday.

Dunnett’s life revolves around the pro-life movement.

After converting to Catholicism, Dunnett said she ramped up her pro-life views. Since then, she’s taken sidewalk counseling classes and given the same training.

“Before converting, I was indifferent (about abortion),” Dunnett said. “I had a family member who had an abortion. I kind of felt like, I couldn’t tell someone what to do, though I would never consider having an abortion.”

Then she learned the reality – that abortion kills.

She’s led and organized prayer vigils and marches in the Wisconsin Rapids area, but Dunnett said she feels called to the Madison Planned Parenthood to witness for life.

Dunnett is considering a leap of faith – moving to Madison without any concrete plans except to saves lives at the Planned Parenthood.

It was in Madison a few years ago that Dunnett has her sole confirmed save of a child. She gave her phone number to a couple who was considering abortion.

And they called her.

Read the rest on the Personally Speaking blog.

Pro-Life News

ELECTION: With Tuesday’s results in, Planned Parenthood clearly has reason to worry as their years of leeching off of the government looked like they might be over. PLW: Planned Parenthood started a fundraising campaign the minute the votes were counted – they’re pushing hard against the strongest pro-life Republican Party platform in history.

POLAND: A new Polish law provides birth parents, legal guardians and care givers with palliative or rehabilitative care for children with medically certified illnesses, psychological care, cheaper medication, priority access to medical care and help with specific needs such as housing. PLW: We applaud Poland’s actions, which are aimed at reducing the number of discriminatory abortions on preborn children with disabilities.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: The Scranton Planned Parenthood closing was part of the abortion provider’s effort to orient more business toward the internet — meaning webcam abortions. PLW: The facility closure, announced one day after the election, shows again that Planned Parenthood puts profit above the women they say they care so deeply about.

ABORTION: An actress said she was scared when she “fell pregnant” at 22 and abortion was easy for her. PLW: Celebrities frequently endorse abortion-giant Planned Parenthood, but the majority of American women can’t relate to their stories.

MILLENNIALS: Four siblings started LifeCulture Apparel, clothing they hope will spread the pro-life message in a way that looks good and starts conversations. PLW: As education about life’s beginning is more readily accessible, more young people will start creating pro-life work.

HUNGARY: Between 2010 and 2015, the total number of abortions in Hungary each year dropped by 22.9 percent. Since 2012, the Hungarian constitution has stated that life begins at conception. PLW: These laws and the strength of the culture of life in some European countries show what we know is possible: the total protection of all human life, from conception to natural death.

CONTRACEPTION: New information about the study on male contraception is out – including that about 6 percent of the participants grew breasts during the study. PLW: We shouldn’t mess around with human fertility – it’s designed to work the way it is.

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From Wisconsin Right To Life


President-Elect Donald Trump: “I’m Pro-Life, The Judges Will be Pro-Life”

Congratulate President-Elect Trump and support his pro-life agenda!

Professor on Ultrasound Requirement for Abortion: ‘Could Be Compared to a State-sanctioned Rape’

AND FINALLY, LOVIN’ LIFE: An amazing story!

Child is first American to survive birth without trachea


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