We knew a wheel tax was coming

I’m still trying to get caught up after returning from vacation and I see, not surprisingly, that the Milwaukee County Board approved a budget with increased spending and a $30 annual wheel tax for county vehicle owners.

Kudos to Supervisors Steve Taylor and Dan Sebring for voting against the wheel tax and against the final budget that includes the tax.  They were on the short end, however.

I’m trying to use the Franklin Public Schools administration logic on the wheel tax. Gee, it’s only about 8 cents a day.

I still don’t like it.  And the Journal Sentinel reported that during the budget deliberations no one spoke in favor of the tax, yet it was approved.

Next year there will be an advisory referendum on jacking up the county wheel tax to $60. Would have been nice to have had  a referendum on the $30 tax.

My guess is the $60 referendum will go down in flames. But because it’s only advisory in nature the County Board could still work to approve a tax increase. I wouldn’t put anything past that bunch.

One thought on “We knew a wheel tax was coming

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