Recommended Reading (11/12/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

Lots and lots of good stuff this week!

And now a word from flyover country

Throughout the primaries, on both sides of the aisle, people chose the candidates they saw as the outsiders.

Maybe they hoped that someone would finally take the time to listen to them.

Maybe they were tired of being told they were wrong, and stupid, and unsophisticated.

And maybe on Tuesday, they told us all that it was time to pay attention.

This is not a day care. It’s a university!

Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic. Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims. Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

I have a message for this young man and all others who care to listen.

Change can be painful

Looks like those who are scared to death of change—the change agent’s name is Donald Trump—are not moderates and conservatives, it’s well-educated liberals, the very elites who like to lecture the rest of us on our need to accept change.

Protests and Play-Doh therapy? Enough already

All protesters MUST obey the laws of the City of Milwaukee.

I understand the protesters may return to downtown this evening. In my view, the first person in the group who steps into the street should be arrested.

I believe we’ve set a bad precedent here by allowing previous protests to take place outside of the law. Why even have permits or laws if we’re not going to enforce and/or require them?

Law, Order, and Trump

The Republican candidate supported police and expressed concern about the growing homicide toll in black neighborhoods—in contrast with his opponent.

I’m with Smug

Only smugness could have led Clinton to declare, with a satisfied smile, that Trump voters could be bunched in that “basket of deplorables.”

That now-famous formulation only hinted at a much deeper disdain for what proved to be a winning electoral coalition. How smug must you be to suggest that nothing’s wrong with taking a knee when the national anthem is played? How much smugger can you get than criticizing a liberal Supreme Court justice for calling such protests “stupid”?

Clinton’s smugness was everywhere.

Democrats day of reckoning is here

In a period of time where the same American people screamed for change, and elected Barack Obama twice in the hopes that that change would come, we now know the consequences of what happens when it doesn’t. Voters get angry or they disengage.

One of the key mistakes Democrats and the Clinton campaign made was choosing not to listen to these voters, many of whom were Democrats, because we assumed these voters would never – ever – vote for someone like Donald Trump.

Why Hillary Clinton couldn’t rally the black vote

Of course, the internet recorded Donald Trump’s history of racial discrimination and his divisive tone toward women. But, what transcended that was Trump’s anti-establishment stance. That has finally taken the wool from over the eyes of many African-Americans — including myself — in relation to the Clinton family, media and the establishment.

Madison’s liberal mayor on Hillary Clinton

The definitive article explaining Donald Trump’s success was published two weeks ago in the October 31, 2016 issue of The New YorkerTHE UNCONNECTED: The Democrats lost the white working class. The Republicans exploited them. Can Hillary Clinton win them back? The obvious and short answer is obvious: No. The longer answer is: she never tried.


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