VA Scandal: They’re Abusing Our Disabled Troops

2016 American Opinion Research Survey of 1,000,000 Voters Concerning Our Government’s Abuse of Disabled Troops Severely Wounded Fighting Radical Islamists
 This is the time of year we raise funds to help provide food, clothing and emergency aid for catastrophically wounded warriors from the War on Terror.I’ll explain this program to you more fully in a moment.

But first I want to emphasize how important it is for you to complete your Opinion Research Survey Concerning Our Federal Government’s Abuse of America’s Disabled Troops Severely Wounded Fighting Radical Islamists.

Many (probably most) of America’s severely wounded troops and veterans believe America has forgotten them.

The scandal involving “secret wait lists” at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals is just the latest example showing how poorly disabled veterans are being treated by our own government.

We have reports that show 307,000 veterans died while waiting for their paperwork to be processed.

And we’ve learned that Islamic terrorists are getting far better care at Guantanamo Bay than our own disabled veterans are from the Department of Veterans Affairs – the second largest federal cabinet agency.

Americans are outraged. My fellow wounded veterans are dispirited.

Your Opinion Urgently Requested >>>

A Scandal Even Worse than the “Secret Wait List” Scandal at VA Hospitals

But here’s a scandal that might be worse than the “secret wait list” scandal at the VA Administration.

Did you know that it takes ten months on average for a catastrophically wounded veteran, like me, to get his or her first government disability check after separating from active service because of all the bureaucratic roadblocks in Washington, D.C.?

The result is, our troops severely disabled fighting the war on Islamic terror are falling into poverty at an alarming rate.

  • An astonishing 47,725 homeless veterans were counted on a single night last year – many of them disabled from wounds suffered in Iraq or Afghanistan, but unable to get their disability checks from the government bureaucracy.
  • More than one in ten homeless Americans are veterans.
  • Young wounded veterans from the War on Terror are more than twice as likely to be homeless as a non-veteran of a similar age.

And as mentioned earlier, there are reports that over 307,000 veterans died while on “secret wait lists” at VA hospitals – unable to get the critical care they needed.

So our government is not doing the job for our disabled heroes on any level. This is why your participation in this survey is so important – to help shine a bright national spotlight on this outrage.

Frankly, most politicians care much more about their re-election than about America’s severely disabled heroes from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. This survey will show the politicians in Washington that the overwhelming majority of registered voters do care deeply about the plight of America’s wounded warriors.

And the more voters learn about the federal bureaucracy’s disgraceful treatment of America’s wounded warriors, the more outraged voters become. After all, my fellow servicemen and women have sacrificed so much for America.

Many have lost limbs, suffered grievous third degree burns, are blinded, paralyzed, or suffered traumatic brain injuries they will never recover from.

But the politicians in Washington show little concern.

We will make available the results of this important survey to . . .

  • Members of Congress and key Congressional staff;
  • The President and top advisors; and
  • The Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

A survey of 1,000,000 voters may possibly be one of the largest surveys ever conducted on the abuse of America’s disabled warriors by our federal government.

We hope an enormous survey like this will receive wide media coverage and the results to be studied carefully by Congress and America’s leaders in government.

My name is Army Sgt. Matthew Pennington. I lost my leg in Iraq when our Humvee ran over an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) planted there by terrorists.

I got involved with the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes because this wonderful organization gave me my life back.

I was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress (PTS) after the explosion. I was also suffering from depression. But the Coalition really lifted my spirits and helped show me my life was not over – that I could still live a very full and productive life.

The Coalition provided me and my family with food and emergency assistance when I was lying in a hospital bed. They also covered relocation costs for my wife so she could be with me while I was in recovery and waiting for my prosthetic leg.

Before I was wounded and lost my leg, I knew of the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes as a leading organization in America that provides meals and emergency financial assistance to troops wounded while fighting radical Islamists.

I knew of many wounded soldiers who have been helped by the Coalition. Now I have experienced the Coalition’s wonderful help and support first hand.

I don’t know how we would have survived without the Coalition.

The Coalition also works to shine a bright spotlight on the plight of America’s wounded warriors and urge Congress and our federal government to do what it’s supposed to do. And that’s care for our wounded servicemen and women.

Please Complete Your Survey Right Away >>>

Thousands of our wounded warriors are now homeless, living on the streets . . . because they can’t get the medical care or disability pay they’ve earned and can’t get a job because of their traumatic brain injuries, or PTS – which the VA Administration, in an overwhelming majority of cases, won’t even approve for treatment.

Tens of thousands are living in poverty, are homeless or on the brink of homelessness. They cannot provide food for themselves, much less their families. Many of our wounded heroes also have young children and can’t provide for them either because of battlefield injuries.

This is where the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes steps in.

We have created an Emergency Financial Aid program to provide America’s severely disabled troops and veterans from the War on Terror with the emergency food, clothing and aid they need to make it through the week or month.

So we provide funds for groceries, utilities and other emergency financial assistance to our wounded heroes and their families . . . so they can eat, pay their utility bill to help keep the lights on, and help them with their rent so they can avoid eviction.

This is a big undertaking. <!–

The Coalition created the Emergency Aid Project to at least allow our severely wounded and disabled American heroes to stop wondering if they are going to be able to eat or pay their electric bill or be evicted. –>

Our goal is to provide $100 for groceries, clothing and emergency financial relief to as many seriously injured soldiers, sailors, marines or airmen who ask for our help.

$100 might not seem like much to most Americans.

But $100 to a struggling military family can buy a week’s worth of groceries or pay an overdue electric bill to keep the lights on.

And just as important, this aid is also a way for you (and all of us) to say “thank you” — to let these heroes know we have not forgotten them and that we are deeply grateful for the physical sacrifices they made to keep us safe and free.

Remember also that any gift you send is tax-deductible. Your donation of whatever amount you can send to this Emergency Aid Project could help disabled heroes like:

  • Rebecca Kempton who served in the National Guard, and suffers from PTS, a spinal cord injury and nerve damage to her right arm. She told us: “Because the bills were so high and because they were stacking up, we weren’t able to afford food. “I was making sure my son was in school every day so he could have meals.”
  • Or retired Army Sgt. Andrew Berry, who is now partly blind and deaf as a result of a bomb explosion in Iraq. This wounded hero told us: “I try to explain to my four boys that Daddy only has so much money to pay bills and buy food.”

I hope and pray you will contribute what you can to this important “Emergency Aid Project.”

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.


Sgt. Matthew Pennington, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Coalition National Spokesman

P.S. Your survey is very important.

This survey is a key part of a campaign the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes has launched to show Congress and the White House how outraged Americans become when they learn about the federal bureaucracy’s Abuse of America’s wounded warriors.

After all, these injured heroes have sacrificed so much for America. Many have lost limbs, suffered grievous third degree burns, are blinded, paralyzed, or suffered traumatic brain injuries they will never recover from. They should not have to wait ten months (in many cases more than a year) for their first government disability check to arrive, which forces many into homelessness.

Many (probably most) of America’s wounded heroes believe America has forgotten them.

I hope you will also keep in mind that it costs us about $8 to send you your survey, process it, tabulate your answers, and make available the results of this survey to members of Congress, their key staff, the president and top advisors, and top government officials who oversee the care of America’s wounded heroes.

So when you complete your survey, my hope is that you include a minimum Voluntary Survey Processing Contribution of $8.

But we are also in urgent need of additional donations for struggling military heroes and their families. Our goal is to provide $100 for groceries, clothing and emergency financial relief to as many seriously injured veterans who ask for our help.

Remember there are thousands of troops severely disabled fighting radical Islamists who need help feeding their families right now. They’re spending every last dime to keep the lights turned on and a roof over their heads. Please give today!

Providing Emergency Aid to Troops Severely Disabled in the War on Terror
Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes |
PO Box 96440 | Washington, DC 20090-6440 | | 1-888-447-2588
CSAH is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible.
 NOTE: The Fischer family regularly contributes to this organization.





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