In my state Senate district, I did NOT vote for the winner Dave Craig

I was not alone.

Having won the GOP primary, Craig had no Dem. opponent. As a result:

State Senator, District 28
Dave Craig (REP) . . . . . . . . 12,766 (98.09%)
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . .         249 (1.91%)

In all, 20,000 votes were cast in Franklin Tuesday, and only 13,000 voted in this race.

I left this portion of the ballot blank.

Look, I’m sure Craig is a good guy, even though I’ve never met or talked with him. His record in the state Assembly was solid. He’ll now replace my very good friend and former employer/colleague Mary Lazich who’s retiring, and he’ll do a great job.

But I’m his future constituent.I never received so much as one brochure, pamphlet, robocall from Craig.

I’m not suggesting at all that this was his intent, but I do know how I felt. I was taken for granted. He had the election locked up. No need to reach out to future voters. Even though I’m sure he had a minimal amount of campaign funds he could have spent to introduce himself to folks in the district.

You’re in the big legislative leagues now, Dave. Don’t forget, in four years, you’ll need us.


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