Trump over the Top???

From Guest Bloggers
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Trump over the Top???

Last ten days have been some of the most interesting days in our political history.  Only Reagan’s comeback against Carter tops it.

Trump started surging about ten days ago, therefore making the Marquette poll irrelevant.  It is very close, as is the Johnson/Feingold race.

Democracy is a strange game, but it produces, in this country, only two candidates, that can win.  Voting for anyone else is foolish.

We can work with Trump, and produce the programs, changes we need.  Do not vote for him, but his policies.

Some Judas Goats, Charlie Sykes and his retinue of “Goatees” are trying to convince you to vote for some obscure Utah Assemblyman, with no knowledge, of anything.

They are nuts, do not follow them into nuttiness.  All it will do is elect Hillary and her horrible programs, of gun confiscation, baby killing and worse, if that is possible.

Do not water down your vote, our forefathers worked toooooo hard to get it, so cherish it.  Why bother?Wisconsin could be the state to put him over the top.

Ten days ago, he started at less than 200 electoral votes. A dozen people, yesterday, had him at 265, 5 votes short.  Wisconsin can give him that.

It is that close!!!!  This state is often won with a few thousand votes, so a wasted vote, for some nutty guy no one knows is foolish at best.


Russ simply is a flake.  No one follows him.  Look at the Patriot Act.  99 to 1, Russ’s one.  No one will ever follow him.

He wants “his job back”, but it is not his job, it is our Rep. to the US Senate.

While in the Senate before, he never got Wisconsin one job, one business, any help for the working people.  Russ just satisfies the nutty elites, that work for the govt. in Mad city.

Ron came from nowhere, and is in charge of the committee on National Security. People rave about his work, plus he works every day to bring jobs and businesses to Wisconsin.

Why would anyone ruin that?

Jean and I are ending 52 years of working, leading Conservative programs, newspapers, thought, work on issues and with people in Wisconsin.We have enjoyed almost every bit of it, and the people we have known and met along the way.  Far too many are gone.

Some of our  closet friends: Bob Kasten, he trained Kelly Ann Conway, Trump’s campaign manager; Muriel Coleman, on the ACU board, a Reagan adviser; Tommy Thompson, our governor; Scott Walker, our governor; Sensenbrenner, Grothman, Ryan are all voting for Ron and Trump.

So are we!!!

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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