Franklin Superintendent Patz, your nose is growing

Franklin voters will decide on Election Day the merits of a huge $43 million referendum that would build a brand new middle school.

“Shall the Franklin Public School District, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin be authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $43,300,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of constructing a new middle school on District land; tearing down Forest Park Middle School; site improvements; and acquisition of equipment, furnishings and fixtures?” questioned Franklin school superintendent Steve Patz with an apparent inquiry about the school district’s motives.

“In no way have we gone out there to try to sway voters,” said Patz. “Our intent, which I believe we followed, is to communicate why we’re going to referendum, and that’s it.”

That’s downright laughable. And insulting.

Anyone who reads the school district propaganda about the referendum  can plainly see that it is obviously promoting and seeking a YES vote. Such a practice is in violation of state law, though nothing will come of it.

But please. Let’s not try to publicly mislead the voters. The referendum may, indeed, pass. But everyone knows school district folks are the referendum’s biggest cheerleaders.

Supervisor Steve F. Taylor (Privileged to Serve) October 2016 E-Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Please click here to view the October 2016 edition of “Privileged to Serve,” the monthly e-newsletter issued by my office.

This edition includes:

-Milwaukee County 2017 Budget

-Domestic Violence Awareness

-Legal Custody and Physical Placement Study Services
-Oak Creek Middle School

-Town Hall Meetings

-Legislative Roundup

-China Lights at Boerner Botanical Gardens

-Free days at the Milwaukee County Parks, museums, and the County Zoo.

-Upcoming events in our community.

I encourage you to forward this newsletter to anyone who may find it informative. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if I can be of assistance concerning any matter involving Milwaukee County.

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Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Announces get out the vote efforts before Election Day

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Announces Get Out The Vote Efforts Before Election Day

Oct 26, 2016 by AFP

The group will be making phone calls, sending mail and knocking on doors across Wisconsin to encourage citizens to fulfill their civic duty and vote.

MADISON – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin is announcing today that they will be launching their Get Out The Vote campaign which will last up to Election Day. The effort is focused on encouraging citizens across the Badger State to fulfill their civic duty and vote on November 8th. The group will be making phone calls, sending mail and knocking on doors across Wisconsin to help increase voter turnout.

Americans for Prosperity utilizes door hangers with language that encourages citizens to go out and vote. To view one of those door hangers, click here.

State director for Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Eric Bott had the following comment:

“There is no right we hold more sacred than the right to vote, it is something that can be easily taken foregranted when you live in a free nation like ours. We are undertaking this Get Out The Vote effort because it is crucial to remind citizens of just how important it is to take part in our democratic process. There are so many who have sacrificed so much for our right to vote. We owe it to the veterans and current service members defending our country to take part in the process they have fought for.”

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of the policies and goals of a free society at the local, state, and federal level, helping every American live their dream – especially the least fortunate. AFP has more than 2.8 million activists across the nation, a local infrastructure that includes 35 state chapters, and has received financial support from more than 100,000 Americans in all 50 states. For more information,

Why 43.2% of Wisconsin voters didn’t cast a ballot in 2014

Are you planning to vote this year? Many Americans sat out of the 2014 elections, even in Wisconsin. While there’s a lot to be cynical of this election, the stakes are high. Beyond the presidential race, the U.S. House and Senate are at stake.  You deserve to have a say in the direction we take as a country in the years ahead.

In 2014, 56.8% of Wisconsinites voted. While Wisconsin did pretty well nationally, ranking second, it’s still not enough. Your participation is required to do even better this year.

Over the remaining days, it’s up to you to be a voter, but we want to make it as easy as possible. That’s why we launched the 2016 Voter Toolkit, at, an easy online tool for you to use.

Take Action:

  1. Vote now and avoid the lines on Election day by voting early
  2. Make your plan for Election Day

The Census Bureau found that nearly half of non-voters didn’t vote because they just didn’t make it to a polling place – they were too busy, out of town, or just plain forgot.

This election is too important to take a pass. At the very least, don’t show up to vote unprepared: check your polling location and be ready for Election Day.

Rob Engstrom
SVP and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Schools getting wussy on Election Day

Before we get to the latest news in this blog let me take you back to 2014 when  uber lefty blogger Jason Patzfahl from Greendale took the improbable stance that unless we banned voting in schools, terrorists would stampede and inflict a shooting, killing frenzy.

I guess those Gun-Free Zone signs aren’t the deterrent they were intended.

The issue became a political hot potato in the normally quiet village of Greendale.

Trustees, you handle it.

No, school board members, that’s your baby.

Nope, back to you, trustees.

School Board, what do you say?

All the back and forthing was just so goofy and unnecessary because it shouldn’t have been  an issue at all.

WI Reporter did an excellent job debunking the concerns that schools on Election Day suddenly transform into shooting galleries. Hello…if you’re looking for a 100% safe place to vote, there is none. Not when bullets have found their way into the White House.

It got goofier.

Patzfahl  said the following at a Village Board of Trustees meeting in the summer of 2014 about a potential November referendum on this very issue:

“I think there is going to be too many non-stakeholders that would vote during that referendum. Some stakes are higher than others. I think having two of my kids in the elementary schools makes me a little bit more of a higher stakeholder.”


Patzfahl is entrenched in the crowd that believes that a photo ID requirement will, here’s that infamous word “disenfranchise” folks from voting. They’ll just stay home, won’t vote. Too tough. Too hard. Too much of a burden.

Now we heard that Patzfahl didn’t want a referendum on the Greendale ballot in November 2014 on whether schools shouldn’t be polling places. So follow along with me everyone. This is so good.

1) Patzfahl didn’t want a referendum

2) He wanted to take away the right of Greendale citizens to vote on an issue he raised in the first place!

3) He wanted to prevent a referendum because he thinks his side will lose. If taking voting machines out of schools is such a great idea, why the lack of confidence?

4) And this is the best. He didn’t want a referendum because there are too many stakeholders, i.e., elderly without kids in the Greendale public schools, that will come out and vote against his side. In other words, the arrogant Patzfahl, when he said “I think having two of my kids in the elementary schools makes me a little bit more of a higher stakeholder,” actually said his vote is more important and should carry more weight than anyone else who doesn’t have kids in the school district. That would be the elderly or anyone else who dares GASP send their children to private schools.

The elitist arrogant snobbery of the left reared its ugly head in 2014.

In 2016 let’s keep doing what communities all across America are doing without incident: Hold elections in our school buildings.

Unfortunately some schools will cave on Election Day.

Wisconsin’s Obamacare October Surprise. Russ Feingold won’t fix it.

It’s official. The rates for Wisconsin’s benchmark Obamacare plan are going up 16% for 2017. Can you afford to pay 16% more every month?

Does Russ Feingold care? He is one of Obamacare’s biggest fans and has promised to fight and protect Obamacare in the Senate. Knowing what we know now, that’s not looking out for your best interests.

Let’s not forget that Russ Feingold was the deciding vote for Obamacare. He had claimed that the bill “would lower health insurance premiums by 14 to 20 percent”. Russ was wrong, and we can’t afford to send him back to the Senate.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were hoping that these numbers wouldn’t come out before Election Day, but with 2 weeks left, this is a game-changer for control of Congress. Don’t reward their costly policies by sending Russ Feingold to DC to support an even more expensive liberal agenda.

Your voice is your vote – don’t let it go to waste. Make sure you have your vote information here and vote for Ron Johnson, who will fight for us when it comes to Obamacare.


Rob Engstrom
SVP and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The RNC: Don’t wait until Election Day

We get it. Sometimes it’s tough to get away on a Tuesday to wait in line and vote. This year, take the pain away and vote early by mailing your ballot.

There is still time to request an absentee ballot. Go to Vote.GOP now to request yours today.

You only have a limited amount of time to request the ballot, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

So much in the future depends on your vote this year. The Supreme Court could change for a generation if Hillary Clinton and the Democrats win the White House. We must vote Republican and not let that happen.

The information that you need is all on Vote.GOP.

Be a voter this year.


Chris Carr
RNC Political Director

That sign at Hardee’s couldn’t be right

Stopped at the Hardee’s off the expressway in Delafield this morning for a cup of coffee.

No Steak, Egg and Cheese Biscuit or  Burrito.

No double this…

Just a 73 cent cup of coffee

While emerging from my car I did a double take. The large sign on the road to the parking lot and restaurant matched the sign on the restaurant windows.

That can’t be right. Ah, but it was.

And yes, I’m going to try it.

The latest pro-life news (10/24/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:


Love for Life Gala a success

This past weekend, we hosted Matt Walsh, the conservative blogger and speaker from the Blaze.

He was well-received by all our guests at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee.

If you came to the Gala, we appreciate your generosity and your time. We took a lot of photos from the night, and they’re online on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

At the end of the Gala, we asked for your best gift in support of our mission. If you took home an envelope to pray about your contribution, we appreciate your discernment. You’re welcome to return it at your convenience or make your investment online right now.

If you were unable to attend but would still like to invest in a culture of life, it’s not too late! You can click here or call Matt Von Rueden at (262) 796-1111 ext. 15 to make your Love for Life Gala contribution.

As a final Gala note, if you didn’t complete the survey, can you take it online? It’s a seven-question survey about your experience. Find it here.


Pro-Life Wisconsin staff

March for Life

There are two ways to join us in showing your support for life – Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Both marches are in January 2017 – but deadlines to get on one of our buses are approaching quickly.

Register closes Nov. 10 (or at capacity) for the D.C. trip. We’re leaving Wednesday, Jan. 25 from four spots in southeastern Wisconsin.

Register closes Dec. 16 (or at capacity) for Chicago. We’re bringing buses full of pro-lifers from around the state. Find a pickup location near you on our website

Pro-Life News

TRAFFICKING: In their groundbreaking study … Laura J. Lederer and Christopher A. Wetzel examined the stories of sixty-six victims of sex trafficking. They found that fifty-five percent of these women had undergone at least one abortion while being trafficked and more than thirty percent underwent multiple abortions. PLW: We’ve known for a long time that abortion helps cover up a myriad of crimes.

SUPREME COURT: Republican candidate Donald Trump promises that the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling will be overturned “automatically” if he is empowered to make appointments to the nation’s Supreme Court. PLW: While the SCOTUS can’t overturn a decision if it isn’t deciding a case, Trump’s commitment to appoint pro-life justices is heartening.

SIDEWALK COUNSELING: They said the kindness and understanding shown by the pro-life prayer warriors outside the abortion clinic really changed their lives. Not only did they keep them from aborting their baby, but they also opened up their faith in God. PLW: Prayers save lives, it’s as simple as that.

ELECTION: If she is elected, Americans should expect Clinton to use all the resources and political will of the Oval Office to accomplish her abortion objectives. PLW: Clinton’s unfailing support of Planned Parenthood and abortion throughout pregnancy are shocking to many Americans.

CONTRACEPTION: Scientists have made a major breakthrough in male contraception after developing a compound that could switch off sperm’s ability to swim. PLW: Another pill to “fix” something that isn’t broken.

PP FUNDING: In Mississippi, a U.S. District judge ruled that “essentially every court to consider similar laws” has found that (stripping Medicaid funds from abortion-providers) violates the so-called Free-Choice-of-Provider Provision. PLW: Despite having 377 federally qualified health clinics and rural health centers, women have “no where else to go” except Mississippi’s ONE Planned Parenthood.

LIFE TALK TV: PLW’s Communications Director Jade Hrdi was a guest on Life Talk TV, an online show about life-issues. Watch it here.

To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter


The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is offering an opportunity to live out the corporal work of mercy “to bury the dead.” On All Souls Day, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, the archdiocese will offer to people of all faiths the opportunity to bury the cremated remains of their loved ones in a community crypt at Holy Cross Cemetery, 7301 W. Nash St., Milwaukee. Called the “All Souls Remembrance Ministry,” this service is provided free of charge. Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki will celebrate Mass at 8:30 a.m., followed by a committal service at 9 a.m.

Price County Respect Life, Taylor Co. Teens 4 Life, local area pro-life organizations and Broadway Theater, are showing the pro-life movie “Voiceless” at the Broadway Theater in Medford, Oct. 21 to Oct 27 at 7 p.m. on 24, 25, 26; and 6:45 and 9 p.m. on the 27. Contact the theater at (715) 748-5556 or visit for other show times and prices.

The Pro-Life Wisconsin Election Novena starts Oct. 31. Sign up to receive a once-a-day email with prayer intentions for our country and leaders.

Are you looking to host a pro-life event? We have a speaker for you! Our speakers can talk to your group – of any size – about abortion, contraception, end of life issues, suicide, natural family planning, stem cell research, pro-life legislation… or any other life-related issue you can think of. Call us at (262) 796-1111.

See more events at

From Wisconsin Right To Life


Is Hillary a “Flat Out ‘Abortion Fanatic’”?

Donald Trump’s powerful pro-life argument

ABC’s ‘Notorious’ Takes a Pro-Life, Pro-Adoption Stance


Five-year-old Franklin boy battles cancer with an army behind him

Tearjerking Video Shows Kids With Cancer Ringing ‘End-Of-Treatment’ Bell

10-Year-Old With Muscular Dystrophy Gets ‘Fantasy Fenway Park’ in His Backyard