Recommended Reading (10/22/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

Clinton security detail also considered Hillary a nasty woman

It’s hard for me to imagine disliking someone to the point of being happy she sustained a serious injury. But then, I never had to work for Hillary Clinton.

The Undeniable, Glaring Bias of the Mainstream Media

If the current batch of WikiLeaks emails had come from the Trump campaign rather than the Clinton campaign, with his people insulting Catholics and with his right-hand man expressing disappointment that it was a Muslim, not a white American, who was one of the San Bernardino murderers, the media would virtually crucify Trump, with shrill calls across the nation demanding that he step down and that he fire his campaign manager immediately.

Black History Museum Discriminates Against Clarence Thomas

The irony of a museum devoted to chronicling the abuses against blacks — from slavery to segregation — excluding one of their own is a deplorable attempt to rewrite history. It makes you wonder what else the curators are black-washing from our history.

There’s Never Been A Better Time to Be Alive

Johan Norberg wrote his excellent new book Progress for three reasons. First, because something important happened. Second, because no one believes it. And third, because it’s dangerous that they don’t believe it.

Norberg’s book comprehensively documents the myriad ways the state of humanity has vastly improved over the past couple of centuries.

Dead people are voting

With Halloween so close to the November election, we may as well bring up the obvious link between ghouls and political hacks: Dead people are voting.

Reports are popping up around the country about deceased people who continue to vote, as recently reported by a Denver television station.

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