Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “Bend your branches green”

In the 1980’s while working at WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio I had the opportunity to interview Chad Stuart, one-half of one of the many popular British Invasion groups of the 1960’s, Chad and Jeremy.  Stuart was in Milwaukee to perform at a nostalgic show that featured as I recall another British act, Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The cassette tape of that interview is buried I’m sure somewhere in my basement.

Stuart and Jeremy Clyde, now in their 70’s, are back together touring. Wednesday night the duo played at the Brink Lounge, just down the street from the state Capitol in Madison on East Washington Avenue.

Known for their vocal harmonies and ballads laced with strings the two had some big hits. This wasn’t their most successful but it still was popular, making it all the way to #1 on the Easy Listening chart. The song dates back to 1932 when it was recorded by both Ted Fio Rito and his Orchestra and Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra.

In 1964 Chad and Jeremy took it to #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Here’s their appearance on ABC’s “Shindig” (Chad is the one with glasses).

The guy at the end going crazy is Shindig host Jimmy O’Neill.

Good stuff. However, we must include Chad and Jeremy’s biggest hit from a broadcast of “American Bandstand” hosted by the legendary Dick Clark. (L) and Jeremy (R) from a screen shot of their appearance on the “Batman” TV series in 1966.


The fiends!


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