Hillary: The Evil Twin

By Guest bloggers
Bob and Jean Dohnal
Publishers, Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Trump Concede?   Only an idiot would concede prior to the election being complete and certified.  Remember Al Gore’s concession in 2000??? Trump is right!

Hillary:  The Evil Twin!!

Hillary is Pure Evil:  She is a whole different animal than Bill.  Look at those eyes, when she is not acting. Read the books, about her, behind the scenes.  There is no doubt.  Obama is not evil, just misdirected, neither is Michelle.

Anyone that knows Bill, l will tell you that he is even more charming than Trump.  People love to have him around. Going for a beer, playing golf, take Bill.

Never Hillary!.  She is just their path to power.

We survived Obama, we will not Hillary.  She wants to get even, with lots of people. Conservatives mostly.  Things will not change, they will get worse.

Economy is going nowhere, there are not any good jobs.  Trillions are sitting overseas that will not come back. She will raise taxes and further damage the economy.  She will push for single payer.

She has no use for the average working family, she has abandoned us a long time ago.

Under Obama, the working people have lost, while the Clintons friends, the bankers, rich people have gained.  Only the conservatives care about the inner city.  Look at Milwaukee …

Under Obamacare the average person is really getting the shaft.  But where will Hillary take it ,if they control power?

Look at Hillary care from before, and how everyone loses their freedom, becomes a number, gets the MD assigned to them, gets assigned to a death panel, to evaluate your life, if it is worth saving.

Health insurance becomes federal revenues, decided by what the priorities are.  If you are old, deficient, crippled, and mentally challenged, will the Left follow Hitler and let you die?

Who will defend you from this?  Trump would not allow it! Decisions will be made by the Federal Control Board created by Hillary

Courts have no jurisdiction.  Penalties for not following this will be levied on you and your doctor, if you go outside this area.  Go to India to live, get treatments, you would be fined.

Hillary’s message:  “Die Sucker.”

Your freedom to control your life will be gone!!!!!!

This is all from the WSJ today.

When has the Inner city gotten anything to make it better?  Trolley and Bucks do nothing for them.  Yet they continue to vote for the Dems.

As Chas. Barkley says, “We were poor 50 years ago, we have voted for the Dems since then, and we are still poor.”

She will try in every manner to get even with the “Deplorables” that own guns, go to church, believe in life.

She believes that infants are not really people, for the first week, can be disposed of, a true eugenicist.

I could go on.

Our society will never recover from her.

Trump is a different animal.  A talented person but hopeless braggart, buffoon etc, but he really does believe in one thing:  “Making America Great Again.”

These women things.  Does anyone believe the crude manners befit Trump?  He ran Miss Universe, Miss Teen Age America.  How many of those are attacking him?  Women chase him all day, like some do, to all celebrities.  Why would he do the silly things they bring forth?

The last ditsy woman was a maximum giver to Hillary.

When this first  came up, I told Jean there would be 50, with their claim to fame. And then media, without any research, gives them ink and airtime.

Incredible, but everyone is catching on.

Trump is attacking the status quo.  You do that, you bring those that think they are God Almighty down on you.

The Ruling Class in DC and Mad City truly believes that they sit on the Right Hand of God. That government is there for them, not us.

Trump has endured the worst attacks, in our history, since Nixon, and is still standing. Can he finish?

He is right when he says the Ruling Class has fixed the election from Media on down.  They are for themselves, first, last and always.  Will sell out American people, asap.

Hillary, Bill has assured them they will get their cut.  The have sold us out!!!


Hillary:  Crooked, lying, corrupt, sick, assaults women who are Bill’s paramours, makes bad decisions, voted for Iraq war, got us into Libya mess, incompetent, pro regulation, more taxes, Americans died on her watch, baby killer, hates gunowners, hates working people, does nothing for the inner city, Hispanics.

Trump:  Buffoon, braggart, lacks govt. experience, will not bow to the Establishment, pro life, pro 2nd amendment, will not raise taxes, can fix the economy, anti- regulation.  Will wipe out ISIS, media Lefties hate him.

Tired of the “Ruling Class’, Establishment in Mad City and DC running things for their benefit??  Vote Trump!!!

Why are these numbers going all over the place daily?  People are being forced into making a decision that they do not want to make, so they keep changing, with the wind.

At some time, people will finally make assessment, and decide if they want change.  Will they minimize the nutty attacks on Trump or will they think that Trump simply cannot handle the job.

We could go on, but you know the rest.

French: “In primary vote for, in finals vote against.”


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