The latest pro-life news (10/17/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin

A few seats left to see Matt Walsh at the Gala

You can still reserve a seat at the Love for Life Gala this Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee.

We’re hosting Matt Walsh, a conservative pro-life blogger at the Blaze.

We’re raffling great items: four Packers vs. Seahawks tickets (row 14), Marquette basektball tickets (for two games), a two-night hotel stay at the Grand Geneva with golf and a stay at the Hyatt Regency for 10 couples (including a custom chef’s meal). But you have to be present to enter and win.

Call us at (262) 796-1111 ext. 10 or reserve your seat online

March for Life in January

There are two ways to show your support – publicly – for growing a culture of life in January.

Join thousands of pro-lifers in Chicago Jan. 15 or Washington, D.C., Jan. 27, as we gather to March for Life.

Pro-Life Wisconsin is taking buses full of supporters to both marches. Please carefully discern if this is the year you finally make your voice heard (or return again).

More information about our buses to Chicago and Washington, D.C. is at

Cookbook deadline nears

We’re still accepting meatless recipe submissions for inclusion in the Meatless Fridays 2 Cookbook.

Send recipes to by Oct. 31.

We plan to publish the book this November to make a perfect Christmas gift.

Pro-Life News

EL SALVADOR: An amendment to decriminalize abortion in certain circumstances was introduced in El Salvador. If passed, abortion would become legal in cases of rape and when a pregnancy puts the health or life of a woman at risk. PLW: Creating exceptions for abortion leads to a slippery slope that will eventually result in abortion on demand.

FREE SPEECH: Liberal activists tore down flyers for a pro-life event at California State University, Los Angeles Thursday, replacing them with posters encouraging women to get abortions. PLW: Pro-abortion activists are no longer “pro-choice,” they’re actively working for more abortions.

CLINTON: Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter says if black lives really matter then black voters will not vote for Hillary Clinton on the basis of her staunch support for unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy paid for at taxpayer expense. PLW: We know that all lives matter – regardless of age, stage of development, location, ability or race.

100 YEARS OF PP: Margaret Sanger was passionately committed to her birth control crusade, her fervor led her away from feminism and toward (a relationship) with racists and eugenicists. PLW: Abortion is inherently racist, with minority children in the U.S. more than three times as likely to die from abortion than white children.

ABORTED BABY MEMORIAL: The land of the closed (abortion) center went up for absolute auction in the fall of 2014, when a group of area pro-life leaders joined together to pray about obtaining the land. PLW: Despite never being a safe space for preborn children, the memorial is now a space for grieving parents to visit.

VIABILITY: Thanks to modern medical advancements, more babies who are born before 24 weeks now are surviving and thriving. Twins Isabelle and Fletcher Salloum are one example. PLW: Human development is a continuum with stages flowing from one to another. There is no point that it’s defensible to kill an innocent human being.

TRUMP: Mike Pence reiterated Donald Trump’s vow to defund Planned Parenthood and curtail abortion rights if elected in November. PLW: Planned Parenthood’s history of lying to the public regarding selling baby parts is enough reason to defund it.

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From Wisconsin Right To Life


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