The latest from the WI Conservative Digest: Trump Nailed It!!!!!!

Guest Blog
By Bob and Jean Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”
The thieving, lying, assaulting, conniving, disastrous, bad experienced Clintons are the Enemy!

Trump Nailed It!!!!!!

Me thinks that there are a lots of weenie Republicans, that wish that they had not jumped off the bridge so soon.

He nailed it, dominated every facet of the debate, made Hillary look like a wounded kitty at the end.

Trump Revolution is still on.

The revolt against the “Ruling Class”, establishment or whatever, described by Kevin Phillips, in a book 30 years or more ago, is catching hell.

Yes, this little group of foundations, lawyers, PAC’s, hustlers, Operatives, hucksters, warmed over campaign people, is taking a licking, from both sides.

We do not like Trump, probably never will. Have known a few guys like him, played sports against some, worked ten times as hard, to beat them. The big talker, exaggerates everything, but is talented.

That is Trump.  We wanted to dump him at the Convention. Called Grebe “Gutless” because he did not go.  Afterwards we wanted to dump him.

There were at least 7 people that would have made toast of Hillary.  Biden would have made Toast of Trump, Maybe. But here we are.  Trump is not Conservative, but enough from me, ala Buckley.

As one guy said: “I know what Hillary will do and do not like it. I am not sure what Trump will do, but will like most of it”

If Trump is so bad, where are all the Miss Universes that he has groped?  They have all come out in favor of him. That is the game we are playing, for the Future of the World.

The “Ruling Class” is frantic.  Clintons have already told them that they will be kept in the money stream so they do not trust Trump.  He might shake things up.

Last Digest, Susan Trojan was reluctant to speak up.  I challenged her, to see what the women thought.  She nailed it, as most of the women, at least 90% that I hear from all the time, still wanted Trump.

They all said: “We know how men talk”.  “They are all Pigs.”

Now I know that some of you think that men sit in the sacristy ever morning and never discuss women in a carnal manner.  I do not know many.  Worst ones I knew were ministers’ kids.

But in the Frat house, the locker room, bars, card games, men talked about banging, boobies, etc. Women were rated by number, or by the size of their assets .  This was everyday stuff.

Many women I have known also talk that way.  We wired a recorder into Frat house bathroom and listened to women talk during parties.  No different.

So, where do we go from here?  More WIKI Leaks stuff?

Trump was on numerous radio shows, Stern, Imus, in NY.  Lots of loose talk.

According to Anderson Cooper, New York is now part of the Vatican. That ditsy tootsie, the moderator, that tried to nail Trump, got nailed instead.  Showed Trump up to be like Reagan, when he called out the guy, who shut off his Mic, once.

They, the whole NY Establishment, was out to get Trump.  They failed.  He is still standing, and so much stronger because of this.

After the first debate, I thought he would get presidency, but now everything is way up in air.

I intend to vote for him and see if he can return things to the Grass Roots, from the Big Bucks People.

One thing I have always admired is:  Pluck”.  Someone who gets knocked down and gets back up, like in that quote from Teddy Roosevelt, that Nixon sent me, on my wall. He dominated the stage all night, prowling it like a hungry lion waiting to gobble her up. Bill sat out in the audience. That picture of him will live in Infamy, seated next to the women he attacked.

She melted.  Is that what would happen, as it has the last 8 years, in front of Putin? Is Trump real?  Does he really believe what he is saying?  Hillary doesn’t. She says one thing and does another.

Has he changed?  Is he in it for the lark of it, or is it because he really is scared for the country?

Trump has taken an enormous amount of crap and is still standing.  More than any man, except Nixon, has taken.

He has the ability to make America Great again.  Will he do it? What do you think?

Before the debate, all the little weenies were telling Trump to prostrate himself, before Hillary and apologize to everyone.  Big mistake.

I always go by what Chotiner told me long time ago: “In politics you attack, attack, attack.  Never retreat, never defend, never apologize.  If attacked, yell smear, then get back on the attack.”

A few years back, when David Clarke was being heavily attacked, Jeff Wagner and many others told him to apologize.  We immediately called him and told him not to do it. Recited Chotiner.  Told him that if he did that, would be reshown in ads for decade or more.  He did not apologize and came out stronger.  He was right.

Trump nailed her on the big points:  ISIS, Taxes, Immigration, etc.  lt’s what the people want, except for the media.  They are really going to whine.

I could not believe that ABC put those two leakers in as moderators.  They attacked Trump relentlessly, and it was supposed to be a forum for the public.  The Ditz made Candy Crowley look like a mushroom.

The left does not want Trump to win.  They adore Hillary. Lies, incompetence, mistakes, defects make them love her more.  Let’s face it, all those people can do is write about what is happening, they have never been in the arena like Jean and I have been for 100 or more campaigns.

My biggest concern has been Ron Johnson, how will this affect him. We had big part in electing Kasten, and Johnson, the first time. We do not want to lose him, the Congress, Legislature.  They are in tough shape.

Do you like the Assembly plan for the future? Look it up.

Now let’s get to work.  Their GOTV is so much  better than ours. So we must depend on all of you to GOTV.  Call everyone, send out to your Christmas card list, church lists, emails, whatever works. Let’s take Donald and his great family into the White House and see if he can make us “great again.”


NBC Manipulated News

NBC had those tapes for 12 years. They could have released them, any time, but waited till WIKI Leaks made their Assange based leaks, on crooked problems of Hillary.

There are more to come, for both Hillary and Trump.
ABC Slimy as NBC???

ABC sent some ditzy reporter, personal friend of Obama, not to moderate but to argue with Trump and correct him, interrupt him, all the time.  Anderson Cooper looked like he was crying as he watched Hillary wilt, like an old thistle flower.

Election 2016

Please help us with the state legislature and the congressmen.  We need the House, no matter who wins.  Some people are talking about abandoning the 435 GOP candidates for Congress.  Nothing could be more stupid.

The state really needs help.  A bad budget that was fixed by the Joint Finance Committee made a lot of people mad, especially in education.

UW needs reorganization, it has become pork barreled home for the Left. K12 is very important in this state. That is where we spend the most money.

When you cut the small districts, those are Republican strongholds, and if you make the women mad, they will kill you.  The women can kill you but Leah, Dale, on JFC and others led the fight to restore and add funds for schools.  Since 1970 schools have seen their funds increase tenfold for 40% fewer kids yet they still want more for salaries and bennies.  Kids get little. We need to stream line the schools and the dozen or so that are “National Disasters” according to Arne Duncan. “A child is horrible thing to waste.”

Dale Kooyenga is working on Tax Reform, which we desperately need if we wish to compete for businesses with the South that has no income tax and is getting all the growth.


Enthusiasm Gap!!!!

This can make the difference.  They are outworking, outsmarting, out organizing us, but the one thing they cannot do is ramp up enthusiasm for these losers:  Hillary and Bill.

Will the inner city turn out?  They have done nothing for them, except promises, for decades. All the money goes to their big donors, not the middle class, working classes.  Will they come out?  How is the inner city coming out so far?

Last Days

Time to quit crabbing about the two people running, they are there, live with it. We will remind you that the Nixon election, Reagan, Bush were decided the last weekend and this is more fluid then most.  By Friday we will have some idea what is happening.

We will Vote For Trump

Despite his personal and political peccadillos, he has made us believe that he really does want to make America great again.  Clinton is just 4 more years of Obama’s bad jobs, economy, Obamacare costs, worldwide foreign policy disasters.

Trump has withstood the most withering, nasty, lying attacks of anyone since Nixon. He can stand up to Putin and the fanatical extremists. We believe that his sole ambition is to fix America’s problems, not enrich themselves at our expense.  He is our last, best hope of cleaning up the sleaze in DC.


Jean’s knee is improving, thanks for all your prayers.  She has been the guts of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest for decades.


Bob and Jean Dohnal

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