Trump groping women: The media doesn’t have the complete say

The mainstream media, a wholesale subsidiary of the Democrat Party, continues its daily crucifixion of Donald Trump, even more so with the release of a tape (conveniently timed) of Trump recklessly talking about groping women. They’re in complete glee mode to the point of predicting the GOP candidate is toast They also (which is what they desire).

No excuse or defense for Trump’s remarks. But there’s also no defense or excuse for the media’s lack of similar attention paid to the nefarious Bill Clinton, his sexual romps, and his wife’s outrage, not at her loser of a husband, but at her husband’s accusers, and there are several of them.

Social media, another voice of the people, not always accurate or a barometer of how society ticks, still can nail it as evidenced in these comments over the past day I came across. Some refer to a rally planned in Elkhorn, WI featuring Trump whose appearance  was scrapped by GOP officials. Many people are upset about that.

They’re also angry because they clearly see the double standard.

at least he was man enough to admit he did it, that’s more than I can say about the Clinton’s.

Trump all the way. Oh wait he said something 11 years ago and now he wasn’t invited. But some one can murder 5 people and you are going to vote for her. Real class.

Although not right, what Trump said is nothing compared to what Clinton has done, and will do to our country …

As American hispanics, we are tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, we’re supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of our skin… disgusting. That’s why we support Donald Trump.

Ican’t move past the fact that Hillary Clinton has never condemned the actions of her husband or her actions against a 12 yo rape victim with proof. Bills predatory behavior while taking advantage of a 22 yo intern while in the ultimate authoritarian role was horrible……not to mention other indiscretions towards women. This is a conversation we can all have and need to have…..the objectification of women. At least Trump acknowledged it and apologized. Melania just released a statement of apology too: The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me,”  “This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.

Donald Trump said something 11 years ago in a “locker room conversation” . This is common language with men and young adults these days it’s called the “Real World”…. Hillary defended a child rapist, had people killed in Benghazi, deleted 33k emails on a private server, systematically created and armed ISIS, had 6 billion dollars unaccounted for as Secretary of State. The RNC would rather have a woman that thinks ripping a babies brains out through partial birth abortion is a better choice for president than a man who said stupid things 11 and 20 years ago…….The hypocrisy of the RNC is astounding

I can’t imagine anyone voting for lying Hillary. If nothing else would turn me off, the fact that she wants Universal Healthcare is much more frightening to me than what Donald Trump did, plus many other things she has done. 

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