Former Franklin official can’t help but embarrass herself

I thought we’d never hear again from disgraced former Milwaukee County supervisor Kathy Arciszewski. Wrong.

Arciszewski once represented Franklin on the Milwaukee County Board when County Executive Tom Ament’s pension scandal rocked the County Courthouse.

Ament proposed and the County Board approved pension improvements for Milwaukee County employees, offering lump-sum payments of $1 million or more in some cases.

Arciszewski embraced Ament’s plan, and embraced Ament, literally.

During the pension scandal Arciszewski was captured on video by a Milwaukee TV station hugging the embroiled Ament. Arciszewski explained at a meeting of angry constituents something to the effect that TV footage is always what it looks like and that television can make the footage appear to be whatever television wants. As I recall her exact statement was that the TV camera, an inanimate object mind you, “lied.”

Boos rained down immediately. The same boos greeted her when she showed up at Franklin High School basketball games.

Arciszewski and others were the subjects of recalls and she was tossed out of office on her ear.

When Ament died a few years ago Arciszewski wrote a clueless letter to the paper that read in part:

I hope the recallers realize now that their children and grandchildren are unemployed/underemployed by the negative impact of the orchestrated recalls. Tom wanted to fix the problem, as did I, before it became a crisis. The attacks were relentless from the outside, and then on the inside some members of the County Board called for the immediate firing of the staff who could help fix the problem. No trial, no jury, convict.

Regarding the loss to taxpayers, in 2003, I observed that I lost my position for an increase of $6 on my county tax bill as compared to 2002. What a scandal.

And today we hear again from the recalled Arciszewski in another letter to the paper where she takes great glee in the announcement that Charlie Sykes would leave his popular WTMJ Radio talk show at the end of this year. She called Sykes a “media monster.”

Sykes destroyed the lives and livelihood of good people. He tore us down and we never had the chance to clear our names and reputations. The people listened to him.

The impact of his show did more damage than his fans realize, and they are living with his mess.

The woman remains in complete denial.

The Journal Sentinel wrote in 2009:

The pension scandal that broke in 2002 brought county government to its knees, forcing politicians from office and saddling taxpayers with massive unexpected costs that harmed parks, transit and social services.

Just a reminder that Milwaukee County taxpayers are still living with Arciszewski’s “mess.” Just ask current Milwaukee County officials how they must struggle with the impact of the pension scandal in budgeting today, years after Arciszewski and her cronies voted to blow up the county.

Finally, maybe she doesn’t like Sykes because he dared to talk about this on his program.


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