Yes there are women for Trump

Hillary Clinton has said on many occasions that Donald Trump hates women. She also claims that women hate Trump.

We’ve been spoon fed a steady diet of all the disparaging remarks Trump has made about women in the past. He’s certainly uttered enough that prior to 2016 would have killed any candidate’s campaign.

If you believe some of the polls, 7 out of 10 women despise Trump (If true the percentage is offset by a similar number of men who are Never Hillary).

While driving into work today I heard Channel 4’s Charles Benson reporting live on WTMJ Radio from Brookfield he called a “Women for Trump” event where the guest speaker was Donald Trump Jr.  who participated in a  Q and A led by former WI Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow.

Photo: My Community Now Twitter feed

Women for Trump? How can this possibly be? The headlines have been beyond damaging.

Donald Trump’s rock-bottom ratings with women

Trump Is Losing Educated GOP Women—and Splitting Up Families Along the Way

Not Even Republican Women Can Bring Themselves to Vote for Donald Trump

Trump’s women problems may cost him election

There are two sides to this story.

Politico reports:

Nonetheless, in November, millions of American women are expected to vote for the New York tycoon. Politico interviewed more than two dozen women who support Trump — elected Republican officials and political activists — and while many wouldn’t condone his more controversial comments, almost all saw a Trump different from the one presented on television screens nationwide.

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