Culinary no-no #491

The pumpkin. Like zucchini in July and August, the pumpkin in October is ubiquitous.

Got this e-mail the other day.

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Pies. Muffins. Scones. Breads. Martinis. Ice cream. Fudge. I’ll take ’em all. But can you go too far? The answer is yes.

It's the savory kind of pumpkin pie. Get the recipe from Love Lola.

Pumpkin pizza

The perfect fall meal just got even better. Get the recipe from Julia's Album.

Pumpkin chili

This earthy salad is fall in a bowl. Get the recipe from Anja's Food 4 Thought.

Lentil pumpkin salad

Pumpkin makes fettuccine alfredo even creamier. Get the recipe from Closet Cooking.

Pumpkin goat cheese Fettuccine Alfredo

There's gnocchi and bacon, so it's gotta be good. Get the recipe from Nutmeg Nanny.

Chicken bacon pumpkin gnocchi

Whatever, meatballs. Get the recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen.

Pumpkin, spinach and walnut spaghetti

One of my first Culinary no-no pieces was in October of 2007:

Our own Milwaukee-based Lakefront Brewery and others make a seasonal pumpkin beer.

I’m sure people drink it, otherwise breweries wouldn’t make it. This weekend while dining out, I saw a woman putting a pumpkin beer down. Seems to me that’s just not right. Imagine pouring a Miller Lite into a glass, and then opening a can of pumpkin paste and spooning out a dollop to drop in the glass.

This whole notion of fruity beers has me scratching my head. Lakefront also makes a cherry lager. Now I can understand lemon or lime flavoring for beer since ales are bitter in the first place. But cherries and strawberries and chocolate and……………..pumpkin?

Rick Steves of Rick Steves’ Europe program on PBS visited Scotland this week. Steves was in a Scottish pub, talking to the proprietor behind the bar while sampling some Scotch whiskey. Ever so accommodating, the bartender said, of course, they’d serve the Scotch any way the customer wanted, but straight up was the best way to go. As he told Steves, if someone wanted pineapple juice in their Scotch whiskey, that’s what they’d get, but they be “ruining” or “wasting” good quality alcohol.

That’s my point.

In my book, pumpkins should be on your plate, not in your beer.

There’s more.

Finally, Marketwatch reports and says it well.

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