Week-ends (10/01/16)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


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Walmart workers

Chris Abele


“I think my strongest asset by far is my temperament. I have a winning temperament.”
Donald Trump at the debate

“This is a man who has calling women pigs, slobs and dogs and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said that women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men.”
Hillary Clinton at the debate

“That makes me smart”
Trump in response to Clinton saying he might not pay federal income taxes

“I don’t think Gen. Douglas MacArthur would like that.”
Trump responding to Clinton saying she has published her plan to defeat ISIS online

“I had a feeling by the end of this evening that I’d be blamed for everything.”

“Why not?”

“I made a mistake using private email.”

“That’s for sure.”

“Secretary Clinton doesn’t want to use a few words: Law and order.”

“The word ‘sound bite,’ a term of usage originating in television, is now viewed with derision. Except for one thing: Sound bites work. They convey one idea and stick that idea in the mind. Recite, please, one memorable thing Hillary Clinton said in more than 90 minutes. OK, ‘trumped-up trickle down.’ Her debate was well-constructed, but so is a paint-by-numbers picture.”
Daniel Henninger, Deputy editor, editorial page, The Wall Street Journal

“Trump won’t suffer much voter pain, certainly not enough to put victory out of reach. His secret weapon is that his core supporters, including many independents, distrust the media nearly as much as they distrust Clinton. Consider that, while most media professionals said Clinton won the debate, most online polls of viewers had Trump winning.

“It’s possible that anti-media sentiment could help decide the election. The nationwide numbers suggest the possibility. A recent Gallup survey found a new low in public trust of the media, with only 32 percent of Americans saying they have a great deal or some trust in newspapers, TV and radio ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly.’ Trust fell eight points in one year alone and is only 14 percent among Republicans.”
Michael Goodwin, NY Post

“Trump’s loss in the first debate made it likely that he will win the second and third debates. There are five reasons. First, Trump will now benefit from low expectations in the second debate that carry over into the third, since his first win will still be seen as a fluke. Second, the moderators will be under pressure to be less biased than Holt was. Third, Trump will benefit from the town hall format in the second debate, because he has spoken more often to real voters than Clinton has done recently. Fourth, Trump has home field advantage in Las Vegas for the third debate. And fifth, Trump’s improvement over time will show that he can learn on the job, as he will have to do in the White House.”
Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News

“There are people deliberately trying to make the urban demographic poor, uneducated, and dependent on government. The people doing this know that more dependence means more control. And that’s not a theory. That’s actually what happens. The unfortunate part is when elected officials are doing it, they are sometimes getting a check on the back end. And they see the violence but think, ‘Well, I don’t live over there so it doesn’t matter’.”
During a conversation with Breitbart News,  Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure explained that gun control is one of the tools Democrats use to keep urban residents dependent on government

“You can say it’s an accident and a coincidence. But when you have as large a population of murdered young men in the streets of America and they’re all black or African-American descent, I think there’s somebody sending us a message, and we should respond to that message.”
Veteran singer and liberal activist Harry Belafonte claimed that “all” of those being “murdered” are “black or African-American.” He obviously missed this article.

“With his homemade swing and homespun charm, Arnold Palmer had swagger before we had a name for it. From a humble start working at the local club in his beloved Latrobe, Pennsylvania, to superstardom as the face of golf around the globe, Arnold was the American Dream come to life. Along the way he racked up win after win – but it wasn’t his success that made him King. Arnold’s freewheeling, fearless approach to the game inspired a generation of golfers.”
President Obama on the passing of golf legend Arnold Palmer


‘New low’: Dead vets left to ‘decompose’ in VA morgue for weeks without burial


Harry Reid kills legislation, hope for terminally ill patients


Hillary mopped the floor with Trump



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