UPDATE: Over at the current home of the Bucks…

Previously on This Just In…

The update.

I asked my source to confirm the scoreboard issue. My source admitted he was misinformed.

The Bradley Center is getting a new clock for the official timer to operate and some other new electronics. But no new scoreboard. That’s why I used the word “if.”

Arguably, still wasteful, but not nearly as troublesome as a new scoreboard would have been.

Steve Olson, you were correct.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Over at the current home of the Bucks…

    • Easy to mix up for my source. Clock at the scorer’s table for the official time that feeds the huge scoreboard overhead also has for the timer to see the major numbers that go on the large scoreboard. The changes coming are not on the large scoreboard but on the official timer’s clock situated on the scorer’s table.

      Yes, can you imagine if the NY billionaires who apparently don’t care all that much about Milwaukee or its residents would have opted for a brand new scoreboard? I would hope the press would have been hard.


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