Recommended Reading (10/1/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

Let’s begin with a real beauty, a must read!

200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President

If you can name a hundred-odd reasons against Trump but only the email scandal and Benghazi against Clinton, then it would seem, mathematically speaking, that Clinton is by far the lesser of two evils.

But this is simply untrue. Not only has Clinton made an equal, if not greater number of errors, her errors are often magnitudes worse than anything Trump has ever said or tweeted.

Hillary’s Debate Lies

Hillary Clinton repeated her incessant lie last night that the criminal justice system is infected with “systemic racism.” Race “determines” how people are “treated in the criminal justice system,” she said. Blacks are “more likely [than whites] to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated” for “doing the same thing.” Such a dangerous falsehood, should Clinton act on it as president, would result not just in misguided policies but in the continued delegitimation of the criminal justice system. That delegitimation, with its attendant hostility and aggression toward police officers, has already produced the largest one-year surge in homicides in urban areas in nearly a half-century.

How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats

Reed said Clinton came across as either smug or as though she was reading her résumé, adding there was nothing on her résumé that touched on his life. “I am a small businessman, a farmer, come from a long line of farmers and coal miners. The policies she talked about tonight ultimately either hurt me or ignore me,” he said.

Vote Fraud and the Big Lie

There’s no shortage of shenanigans at the polls, and while there are instances of fraud, not one is known to have affected a senatorial, gubernatorial, or presidential election. That isn’t to say, however, legions still believe there’s a van in the bottom of Lake Michigan with many thousands of Nixon votes never counted in 1960.

None of that negates the need for Voter ID laws. Quite the contrary. Americans consistently support Voter ID requirements by substantial margins, “no matter their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or party affiliation,” according to Heritage.

Stop watching the social justice warriors of the NFL media universe

Since Kaepernick’s anthem demonstrations began, I’ve heard more than one NFL fan express frustration at the degree to which the players and the football-focused media are allowing politics to intrude on coverage of the league. Most of us have better options to inform ourselves on Ferguson, Dallas, Tulsa, and Charlotte, and there’s little we can learn from athletes or sports journalists. Many fans feel trapped because they can’t imagine letting go of the NFL.

Hillary’s Talk of ‘Implicit Bias’ Should Scare Every American

This is a road we don’t want to travel. You’re guilty and you don’t know it. Sure, you think you’re a decent person who treats people fairly, judging them on the content of their character and not the color of the skin. But let’s face it: You’re deluded. Especially if you happen to be white, you’re biased and you don’t even know it.

The racism of the anti-racists

Oddly, the people most obsessed with making everything racial often call themselves anti-racists. This is because anti-racism has become the highest card in the leftist deck.

Where does it come from, this obsession with race?

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