Guest Blog: The latest from the WI Conservative Digest

By Guest Bloggers:
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest


Trump wins:

We believe that Trump won the debate and the presidency.  All he had to do was stay with Hillary. She has lots of experience, mostly wrong.

She has made bad decisions, except when making sure her family is in the chips. He had to show he was capable of being a president, he did that and so won the day.  All the polls we saw show him winning except from the Lefty CNN.


Ron and Russ:

Russ spent 18 years in the senate, never accomplished anything, never brought a job to Wisconsin, even refused to help companies that needed help with the govt.

He was kicked out of office because he invented these Big Money groups, 527’s, to help him and the Dems, but it has backfired.  Hillary, Bernie hate them, but Russ loves them.

Ron came from nowhere. He has been instrumental in putting National security together, saving social security, for this country.  A solid leader, liked by all, while Russ is biggest flake, and jerk, in the country.

Dickie Morris: “Feingold biggest flake in senate, no one follows him”.  Feingold cannot lead, cause no one follows.

Ron needs Conservative help.  He can win.  If every Conservative, that gets this email, gets 100 voters for Ron via phone, card, email and door to door. He will win, so go out and do your job.  Grass roots wins in Wisconsin.


North Carolina Riots:

Big Thanks to Scott Walker and Sheriff David Clarke. They called in the State Patrol asap, the first day, to put maximum force at the riot site, so we did not have a repeat of 1967 riots in Milwaukee.  Their fast thinking, overruling Abele and Barrett, who always dither and dather, saved lives and property.

Clarke closed down Sherman Park, where the thugs were organizing and getting ready to blow.  After it was all over, then Abele steps in and to show his manliness and fought with Clarke to open it up again.


Tommy, Ryan, Scott.:  Why did Ryan win his primary?  He is a Conservative, that actually wants to solve problems.  Tommy solved problems with Conservative programs, and so has Scott.

Talked to Scott at the Randa funeral about reorganizing the UW system.  Many of the state business and community leaders are pushing to do that.  It must be done.

Too much duplication, ancillary staff, administration, big buildings, pork, in the system.  It will help reduce costs for our kids.

Our family loves the University, wear our colors all the time.

All 7 of us took advantage of the schools, to have success full careers

But everything has to change.  Companies reorganize every year, Colleges every 300 years.

They porked up, on student loan money.

Too many of our kids come out with heavy debt. They did not eat grilled cheese at Rennebohms, 10 times a week, like we did.  They need credit counseling, too.



To us, our premier problem in this state, is the fact that our reading scores are down.  We have spent ten times as much, for 40% fewer student, in the schools, since 1970.

Only 15% of the kids, at MPS, can read after third grade.  That is disaster.

These inner city kids, cannot be wasted, to live off the streets.


Movie to See:  “Sully”.  Great acting and an eye opener about Govt. Bureaucracy.

Book to Read:  “Killing the Rising Sun”.  Why did we drop the “Bomb”.

Series to Watch:  “Longmire” on NetFlix:  We hunted that area for decades, beautiful.


My partner, Jean, 47 years, five kids, has been laid up for knee replacements.  It has been tough ride.  She really appreciates all the thanks she has gotten from everyone.


Conservative Leadership:

We have worked 50 years, for Conservatives, that solve problems.  We need help.  Who wil come forth, to lead, to offset the big money with Grassroots efforts?  We do not need these big donors, on both sides, we need Grass Roots efforts.  You can win this election by working in your areas to get out vote.


Chronicle of Conservative History in Wisconsin since 1964.  We are writing a Chronicle of the History of Conservative action in this state since we started in 1964.  Any one want to help?  Linda Cross will edit the ideas.


Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers

Wisconsin Conservative Digest





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