Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Lovely lady strolling slowly towards the sun

This week some psychedelic rock. But first…

Take a look at this picture of a group from the very early 1970’s.

Recognize them?

How about the guy second from the left?

Don’t know?

That’s ok. Good chance you’ve at least heard them.

They originally called themselves The Moonrakers. Later they changed their name to Sugarloaf, a mountain outside Boulder, Colorado.

Does that  help at all with a clue to tonight’s oldie?

The lead singer and keyboardist for Sugarloaf was Jerry Corbetta.

He’s in the back row, far left.

Sugarloaf’s first and biggest hit came in 1970. “Green Eyed Lady” was nearly seven minutes long, yet still got air time until it was chopped down for even greater radio play. It climbed to #3 on the Billboard chart.

Corbetta died this month due to Pick’s disease, a rare form of progressive dementia that affects specific parts of the brain. He was 68.

Enjoy the rarely heard long version.

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