Photos of the Week (09/18/16)

1) Syrian men carrying babies make their way through the rubble of destroyed buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held Salihin neighborhood of the northern city of Aleppo.Photo: AMEER ALHALBI / AFP – Getty Images

2) A Syrian girl reacts in pain as a wounded child lies next to her at a make-shift hospital following reported government air strikes on the rebel-held town of Douma, east of the capital Damascus. A new ceasefire brokered by Russia and the United States is due to begin at sundown in Syria. It aims to halt fighting between President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and the opposition, but does not apply to jihadists like the Islamic State group. Photo: ABD DOUMANY / AFP – Getty Images

3) A city worker sprays chemicals with a fumigator to kill mosquitoes in an effort to control the spread of the Zika virus at a school in Bangkok. Zika causes mild symptoms in most, including fever, sore eyes and a rash, but pregnant women with the virus can give birth to babies with microcephaly — a deformation marked by abnormally small heads and brains. Photo: LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA / AFP – Getty Images

4) Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves as she leaves the home of her daughter Chelsea Clinton in New York City. Clinton left a September 11 Commemoration Ceremony early after feeling overheated and went to her daughter’s house to rest.Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

5) Marines are joined by New York City Firefighters and Police Officers in raising and lowering 25 American Flags on a pole on the roof of Engine 10 and Ladder 10 in the shadow of the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2016. Photo: David Handschuh / NBC News

6) A firefighter stands as part of an honor guard at the FDNY Memorial Wall. Photo: Craig Ruttle / AP

7) A girl holds her mother during a commemoration ceremony for the victims at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

8) Latino Trump supporters share why they like the candidate, despite a recent poll that showed only 21 percent of Latinos view him favorably. Marissa Desilets of Beverly Hills, California says, “I was born in Chicago. My grandparents were born in Mexico, and immigrated to the United States. I am a Hispanic conservative republican woman. I decided to support Donald J. Trump because I think America needs a better defense, and more jobs. With Trump as president, I can expect strong leadership, and the preservation of the Constitution of the United States of America.” Photo: Riverboom / INSTITUTE

9) Another Latino Trump supporter, Laura Diaz of  San Antonio says, “I was born in East L.A. I’m first generation of Mexican descent. I am a conservative that thinks for herself and does not vote based on the party-line stance. I decide to support Trump, because he is not a career politician and not funded by special interest groups. I appreciate his brutal candor and honesty – good, bad and the ugly. He may be extremely insensitive, but that does not render him a racist, bigot or misogynist. I like his experience in the private sector – with BOTH successes and failures. With Trump as a president I expect better National Security through a stronger immigration vetting system. I believe building the wall is totally unrealistic and I have always seen it as more of a metaphor for tough immigration reform. I would like to see my tax dollars used to invest in additional border patrol and technology that enables our resources to better secure our borders from not only drugs, but from terrorism as well. Photo: Riverboom / INSTITUTE

10) Model plane builder Otto Dieffenbach III makes his remote control plane, designed to look like Donald Trump, drop fake money over Carlsbad, California. Photo: Reuters

11) An employee stands on a wheelchair developed by Israeli company UPnRIDE Robotics, that enables paralysed people with limited function in their arms to stand upright, during a demonstration at their offices in Yoqneam. BAZ RATNER / Reuters

12) Regas Woods, of the United States, looks at the stadium after competing in round 1 of the men’s 100-meter T42 athletics event during the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sept. 14. Photo: Mauro Pimentel / AP

13) United States’ Chelsea McClammer, left, Tatyana McFadden, center, and Amanda McGrory pose for a photo after winning the silver, gold and bronze medals in the women’s final 5,000-meter T54 athletics event during the Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: AP

14) Marcel Hug of Switzerland, right, competes en route to a gold medal finish in the Men’s 800-meter (2,624 feet) race at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Reuters

15) Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson kneels after catching his first touchdown of the season last Sunday against Jacksonville. The Packers won, 27-23. Photo: Jim Mathews, USA TODAY NETWORK, WI

16) Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook (12) and teammates huddle up for a cheer after the Badgers beat Georgia State in Madison Saturday, 23-17. Photo: M.P. King, WI State Journal

17) Pope Francis holds a baby during a visit to the neonatology division of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome. Photo: AP

18) A visitor shows off his baby in front of a statue of the Monkey King in Qingdao, China. Photo: Splash News

19) A flock of migrating flamingos flies over the waters of Nea Kios, Greece. Flamingos have arrived at the wetlands, for a few days of rest, during their long autumn migration to warmer climes. Photo: BOUGIOTIS VANGELIS / EPA

20) Flamingos flock near Naflio, Greece. Photo: EPA

21) Four baby squirrels, just weeks old, sleep huddled together under a towel at the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Photo: AP

22) A baby panda naps in a Brugelette, Belgium, zoo. Photo: Zuma Press

23) A koala soaked by floodwaters sits atop a fence post to escape the deluge in the town of Stirling in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Photo: Reuters

24) A model gives good face at New York Fashion Week. Photo: Reuters

25) Models show off the Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 collection during Fashion Week in New York on Sept. 15. Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP

26) Matthias Voelkl carries 29 beer mugs down a 40-meter path in the Hofbraeuhaus in Munich, Germany. With a target of 27 beer mugs, he has set a new record in beer mug lifting. Photo: ANDREAS  GEBERT / EPA

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