Culinary no-no #489

Friday was…

I did not celebrate.

Though I’m not anywhere near a picky eater, there are still some foods I’m not crazy about. The avocado is one of them.

Maybe it’s the color.

Maybe it’s the consistency.

Just not a fan.

I’m aware of all the hype. From

As a nutrient-dense fruit, they contribute nearly 20 vitamin, minerals, and phytonutrients to your diet and can fit into all kinds of eating plans. Although phytonutrients are not essential, they may promote human health. Now you know why we call avocados, Green Gold.

Whether it’s the delicious taste, creamy texture, or versatility in meals & snacks, there are so many reasons to love fresh avocados every day.

They store well for unexpected cravings. Unripe avocados stay fresh for 4 to 5 days.

They are always in season and never go out of style.

They can be baked, fried, grilled, or eaten raw.

They contain less than one gram of sugar.

They pack a rich flavor but have 0 mg. of cholesterol and 0 mg. of sodium per serving.

Over 75 percent of the fat in avocados is unsaturated fat, making it a great substitute for foods high in saturated fats.

But this is not Culinary yes-yes, so here we go. And we’ve got a few.

Avocado or guac plays well with others we’re told.

With fruit?

Sorry, Mr. President.

Have you heard of the SlimCado? It’s Florida’s answer to Mexico. Even devotees are not impressed.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Corinne Zmoos, an avocado lover in Boston, thought she had stumbled on a buttery bonanza when she picked up a softball-size specimen at a grocery store.

But elation turned to outrage when she sliced into the kelly-green fruit and discovered she had purchased something altogether different: a SlimCado.

“I’ve never felt so betrayed by a piece of food in my life,” says Ms. Zmoos, a 22-year-old graduate student, describing how this avocado’s innards were watery, producing a soupy guacamole that lacked the rich, creamy flavor she craved.

Cooking Light Magazine, referred to in the WSJ article, contained comments that took the SlimCado to task.


OK. It’s not a real avocado, grant you. But here’s a real serious no-no.

Salsa with my chips, please.


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