Apathy reigns in Franklin

A few weeks ago the Franklin School Board held its Annual Meeting of the Electors.

The what?

You probably have no idea because you’ve never been to one or never even heard about it.

Here’s what generally happens and please follow along because it’s important.

Orchestrated more carefully than a Vince McMahon pay-per-view championship cage match, the meeting is an utter sham. State law requires this charade, but the intent was never that a joke be made of the process or that the taxpayers be treated like helpless pawns.

At these “annual” farces the whine from school district officials has been that the big, bad, evil state of Wisconsin simply isn’t popping for enough aid. So a tax increase is necessary.

In the past, that was so much donkey dung because if you’re expecting less aid, you should spend less, and thus, not tax as much. That’s my humble opinion.

Generally School District Business Manager Jim Milzer emerges from some secluded room claiming to have crunched the numbers to determine that the school tax levy increase should be such and such.

Following Milzer’s speech the School Board members nod their heads in agreement.

And then the Board President will call for someone among the “electors” (the 20 or 30 people in the audience that make up the education intelligentsia that have been recruited by the school district machine to attend) to make a motion.


Without hesitation, a hand will go up, and the Board President will call on the oh-so willing participant.

“I make a motion that the property tax levy increase be set at…”

What’s so incredibly transparent and hilarious is that the plant in the audience is reading from a district-supplied index card. The other blind sheep in the audience concur with the citizen reading the script.

The motion carries with the reminder from the board that the approved levy could be changed later (It never is).

POOF! In the blink of an eye, a small roomful of school district puppets make a decision impacting every Franklin taxpayer.

That’s the way the meeting usually went. This year something very different took place.

Here’s the link to the video of that brief meeting. You will notice that  :08 into the video as School Board President Janet Evans is opening the meeting, informing that it’s “for you the Electors,” she is speaking to an empty room with the lone exception of a young female, a reporter covering the proceedings.

Not an Elector in sight. Not a soul to ask questions, vote, hold the district representatives accountable.

These mid to late August meetings are never packed, but zero attendance?

That’s unhealthy because real important stuff happens like the setting of the property tax levy and board members voting themselves a pay hike of 33%.

But if anyone would suggest that nobody cares, they’d be right.

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