Culinary no-no #486


In an effort to shed a few pounds (successful I might add) I’ve cut back dramatically on sweets. Occasionally I will cheat and treat myself.  I’m not talking a cookie or a candy bar. I’m talking something special.

Strawberry shortcake.

A fancy-flavored custard.


There’s a dessert I love that I rarely indulge in.

It supposedly was first made by bakers in a sultan’s palace in Istanbul. As good a cook as my wife, Jennifer is she’s intimidated by it because it can be difficult to make. Let’s take a look.

Drooling? lists ingredients for baklava as water, sugar, honey, lemon juice, light corn syrup, cinnamon, whole cloves or ground cardamom, blanched almonds, pistachios, walnuts, or any combination, finely chopped or coarsely ground,  (about 4 cups), phyllo dough,  melted butter or vegetable oil. The website also says “Although purists disdain anything except the classic nut filling, some cooks innovated by adding such items as dates and chocolate chips. Hungarians make an apricot version.”

Can you tell where this is headed?

Remember the wise words of that noted food expert, “Fonzie” in “Happy Days”?

Fonzie once said that ketchup and ice cream, when they’ re apart are, well, AYYYYY, two thumbs up. But put them together? Thumbs down, baby.

Dayton native gets major spread in national  magazine  photo

Pictured is Theo Stephan who Global Gardens Facebook page describes the business as “Santa Barbara wine country’s only complete food product line featuring healthy, easy to use products with worldly flavors. Our oils come from harvests we procure–over 2000 Certified Organic local trees and over 15,000 Pesticide-Free, Organically grown trees in Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo counties. We love to educate you on Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Fruit Vinegars, Organic Mustards, Glazes, Savory Snacks, Confections– 50+ products and growing!”

Stephan has an obvious affection for food. She was just featured in the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Stephan told the magazine,

As part of the article Stephan provided her recipe for baklava. And this is different. Looks like this:

Stephan’s recipe uses kalamata olives, feta cheese,  garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil. It’s designed to be savory, not sweet, an appetizer, not dessert.

There’s very little I won’t eat, and I’m gregarious enough to give this a try.But I’d be missing the rich, sweeter than sweet variety for sure, leading me to think…

That Fonzie is a great philosopher.

BTW, you can find the recipe here.


Organic food is a bad investment



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