News release: Best Conservative Picnic in Wisconsin

For Immediate Release
Wisconsin Conservative Digest
11324 W. Potter  Rd.
Wauwatosa, WI. 53226-3407

47th Annual World Famous Chicken Burn

Best Conservative Picnic in Wisconsin

August 28, 2016

From 1-4 PM,  Program at 3 PM

Sponsored by:

Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Everyone comes to the “Burn,” cause it is lots of fun.  Meet fellow Conservatives, eat some roast corn, have a Point Beer or soda, some fabulous chicken cooked by Tim Dake and Larry Gamble, Tommy Seidl and Dan Pavelko serve the great beer and soda.  Jean Dohnal, and all the hard working women, serve great food.

Bring a dish to pass or make a nice donation.  If we make a profit it all goes into the Conservative movement in Wisconsin.
Tables Available.  Make donation.  Bring the Kids

MC: Adam Neylon

Great Speakers:

Tommy Thompson will Rev up the Gang

Sen. Ron Johnson will tell us about National Security

Van Mobley will talk about Donald Trump

Dr. Lowell Holtz, candidate for Superintendent of DPI

Jean and I have had great time putting this on for decades.  So many great leaders have come through the picnic, letting all the state’s Conservatives meet each other and work together for a better state.

Conservatives have to step up and lead on our Roads, Taxes, Jobs, Reforms, UW System, K12, Kid’s Reading, and Crime in Metro Areas.  All the Left wants to do is toss out more money.

Reagan Freedom Awards will go to Matt Kittle and Eric O’Keefe for their work in fighting the incredible attempts to kill Conservatives with the John Doe.  An incredible abuse of power and attempting to kill First Amendment Rights by Power Hungry Milwaukee thugs, Milwaukee DA  prosecutors.

Wisconsin Conservative Digest
Contact:  Bob and Jean Dohnal

New Great Schools:

La Casa De Esperanza

This is a new Charter School in Waukesha County, developed with help of Brian Dorow, Steve Ziegler, to further the growth of the Hispanic community in Wisconsin.  Prior to that, Douglas Haag and others started the Reagan High School in Milwaukee County, a beacon of Achievement amongst a disaster of other MPS schools.

We need these programs to develop our kids into fine, hardworking, achieving, citizens, and salute them all.

On Aug. 31, there will be a private evening about La Casa at the the Wildwood Estate of Michael Eisenga.  To come: 262-832-1537

“Kids To Read”:  This is the first line of battle:  Teach the Inner City “Kids to Read”.  Show them the world and they will learn to love to read as our kids do.

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