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By Guest Bloggers
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Election 2016?

What does the GOP stand for this year???  What do they want to do next year??  What is going to guide them?  Last year was mess.  People want to know what direction they are going?  We have heard of secret meetings. Who went?  What was decided??  Is Wisconsin now going to be governed by an elite, in secret meetings?

I asked over 100 people what the GOP is planning to do next year, what is their platform, what does the governor want, the legislature, and we came up with blanks.

Embarrassment in Waukesha!!

Mike Pence, a really good man, came to “Sha” for an event on Wed.  He did a good job, but the Trump campaign pulled one of the dumbest, most embarrassing things, in history of politics, in Wisconsin.  They banned a Washington Post reporter, and then subjected him to all kinds of dumb and demeaning actions.  That is really stupid.

I cannot imagine why any volunteers took part, and why Scott has not apologized to the Post, as he was there.  He certainly has a lot more sense than that.

I cannot imagine Scott, Tommy, Dreyfus, Knowles, ever doing anything so dumb.}

I have worked with press, for 50 years, in this state and all around the country. Get along with them well, argue with them all the time, critique the Journal’s articles, and exchange funny insults about their ineptness, which there are many, but never do something like this.  Grow up Trump campaign.

We are sending them an apology letter, for Wisconsin.

Trump Out Foxes left:

In order to find out how bad Hillary exposed the country, through her Emails, he dared the Russkies to tell us! This grabbed all the Press, during their convention, and focusing all press on her stupidity, plus her giant recklessness.

Vickie Mckenna:  Mad City and Milwaukee!!

Vickie sez that the winning totals for the Left all come out of Mad City and Milwaukee County?  GOP does nothing to change that??  Why?  Why did they wreck the Milwaukee County party??

Bad Mood of Country:

Last week we wrote about this and some people, in bad mood, angrily emailed me back, telling me that we are not in bad mood.

But everyone missed the point, or we failed to outline it properly.  We have to change the dialogue from angry, to up beat, if we want to win.  People want to know what the BBD, “bigger and better deal” they are going to get for the working families, not just a bunch of crabbing.

Many people, around the state, are unhappy about the secret meetings going on about the future of state.  Why weren’t they invited?  Who is being invited?  Big donors?  This is bad news.  Wisconsin is not a secret society.  Some Walker people tried to kill the Open Meetings laws.  Doesn’t anyone learn?|

Let’s get everyone out there celebrating the accomplishments of the GOP, in property tax relief, tax cuts, balancing the budget, and  outline what we are going to do next year, in positive mode.

Wisconsin Program for Tomorrow:

This is something that we have been writing about for years.

What do we need to fix, to make state better, help the kids with more jobs, teach kids to read, etc?

1.      Jobs and economy in Metro areas:  Too many kids and adults have no jobs. The inner city economy bounces along on drug money and welfare.  How do we replace with jobs and better future?

2.     Crime in the Inner cities: The mess in Milwaukee never gets solved at least Barrett and the white, liberal, male, racists that run Milwaukee cannot do it.  Seems as long as only the inner city people get murdered, robbed, burglarized, they do not care as long as there is not a flop over into East side and downtown.  Instead of more cops, we get Arenas and Trolleys.  Lobbyists invest 2 million or so in campaign donations, and lobbyists, and they get 500 million.  People resent that. They speak out in Trumps and Bernies.

3.     K12; we must fix K12 in certain areas.  Since 1970 we have seen expanded spending in Wisconsin by factor of ten for 40% fewer students.  Money is not the answer, leadership is.  NJ and others spend almost twice what we do, with worse results.  No reason that we cannot teach kids to read!!!  That is a start.

4.     MATC; When this was formed, Tommy, Shabaz and many of us warned Knowles, and others that the unions etc. would use this as a base for jobs for Democrats. The kids will get little of the money, and worse it will evolve into left wing education programs, instead of basic job skills.  Teachers at MATC make more money than Profs at Universities.

5.     UW Wisconsin System need to be reorganized, to work better. Dump excessive growth of ancillary and administration staff as outlined by the NY Times, Economist and many other publications. Businesses reorganize every 3 years, colleges every 300 or so.  Even Ray Cross, the president, agrees with this.

6.      They have feasted on student loan money leaving these kids in big debt. Left wants to increase the debt, paid by us, for the benefit of the Left wing colleges, not make the place work better.

7.     Roads:  Everyone wants good roads.  How do we want to pay for them?  Clean out excessive spending, waste, in state budget and use that?

8.      Raise gas taxes and cut income taxes, as Scott proposes? Raise fees for hybrids and electric cars, so they pay their own way?

9.      Combination thereof.

What do you think?

Wisconsin/USA in Blackest of moods!!!

You can just feel it, people in Wisconsin are in foulest of moods.  It is hot, Brewers aren’t winning, CUBS???  In First Place.

Just 21% think country going in right direction. Normally this is good for challengers but the people do not think that HIllary or Donald are answer!!

The candidates for Prez., Are not exciting, people dislike both.  They wonder how we got to this point?.  Hillary ‘s face can make you unhappy.  Russ looks like Mr. Ed, the talking horse, that does nothing except talk, same with Russ.

Have not heard anyone say anything nice about the Governor and the legislature since Kevin Fischer last Sept.

Radio shows are all negative, turned them off.  TV news all bad, riots, killings, crime in Milwaukee, Kids can’t read, Floods, Fires.  Cops being ambushed, spurred on by horrible stuff coming from White House.

State GOP Convention, worst they have ever seen.   No one came.  No sign of the Trump team.

Went to parade in Waupaca for Frank Lasee, and no sign of Hillary or Trump people, signs.  Some Bernie stuff, he is somewhat of an up lifter.

Changing demographics are all bad for GOP in Wisconsin, but the leaders fail to address that problem or address many other problems.

Despite our enormous potential to solve problems, move ahead, a clear majority see a darker future sez the WSJ. 56% believe children will be worse off.  46% believe America’s best days are behind us.

That is the effect Liberalism has on the people.  Look at Venezuela, Greece, PR, Illinois, California, Brazil, Argentina. All rich countries, in the dumpster.

GOP national Convention was a real downer, except for the Trump kids; they are really great.  Should run Ivanka.

Trump’s speech was nothing, not uplifting at all. It failed to get good response, or any bump in numbers. The news coming out:  Crappy behavior by Cruz and Kasich, something about a speech that is meaningless.

For God’s sake get off the negatives, and go positive Trump team.  Quit threatening our guys, when you need to convince them to get on board.

One note: Tommy interview was upbeat; he made me think seriously about voting for Trump.  Need more.

He told Scott to get off his butt and get around Wisconsin.  Scott, put on Hawaiian shirt and bow tie and stop at impromptu places and give them some cheerleading for Wisconsin.  Take along a polka band.

Last year a bad year for Wisconsin, Scott did not last long in sweepstakes, taken out by Trump.  Legislature was all over the place. Finally put together a decent budget, that did not cut schools, but then did not do much for the working people in Wisconsin.  They did hold line on property taxes, income taxes, but big problems, are still there. They have to make amends.

Ron Johnson is always upbeat as is Frank Lasee, Glenn Grothman and others.  WE need them to fix things wake people up, talk about the shining city on the hill.  Ron do the same lighten up ,talk about the bright future of this country it will make all difference.  Use some imagination!

Be positive get people going.

Wish Scott could still do cartwheels.  How about some Walker girls and boys? Maybe have polka band with him.

Where is that Dreyfus bus when we need it?  Lowell Jackson’s great idea that sent Dreyfus to the governor’s chair.

Send Tommy around to cheerlead for everyone, he always turns everyone on.

Finally, let’s come up with a program for Wisconsin’s future:  Fix the UW system, help kids to read.  Cut the crime in Milwaukee/Metro areas, figure out how to fix the roads, all of this will push the jobs and economy.

Let’s Do It!!

On the Plus side!

Crops are great.  All the CO2 in air makes them lush.  Weeds are too, in my garden, too hot to weed.  Too hot to fish.  Think Jean and I will go to see a funny movie, if we can find one, have some popcorn and ice cream, maybe it will help

We went to see the Grandkids. They were great as usual, but everyone else was crabby.

So what do we do?  This type of atmosphere is poison for incumbents, disastrous for some.  We can’t wake up the Brewers this year, can’t go fishing till cools off.  But the GOP must wake up the voters, and get them out, or the Dems GOTV will kill us for the next decade.

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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