Supervisor Steve Taylor is awfully silent on this one, as he should be

Last week I blogged, “Screwing taxpayers and motorists: The BRT.”

The blog was about the Milwaukee County Board’s approval of a totally wasteful spending project, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). It happened to be the third most popular of all my blogs last week.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported last Thursday on the approval but didn’t list the vote total and how the supervisors voted. I contacted the Journal sentinel reporter, Don Behm who covered the Board meeting. He could not give me the information (Odd since it’s Basic Meeting Reporting 101 to do so). Behm claimed the details hadn’t been posted in the Official Journal of Proceedings online.

Well, I knew that because I had already checked. He was there and didn’t write down the information for the article he was reporting on?

The entire minutes of last Thursday’s County Board (07/28/16) were posted online today (Monday). Why am I not surprised by the results of the BRT resolution.

Check them out:

A motion was made by Supervisor Mayo Sr. that this Action Report be

ADOPTED. The motion PREVAILED by the following vote:

Aye: Cullen, Haas, Johnson Jr., Mayo Sr., Sartori, Schmitt, Sebring,

Staskunas, Taylor (2), Taylor (9), Wasserman, Weishan Jr., West and

Lipscomb Sr. 14 –

No: 1 – Alexander

Excused: 3 – Dimitrijevic, Moore Omokunde and Nicholson

Note that the only supervisor to vote against this idiocy was Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a true conservative. Bravo and many thanks to her.

Voting for this ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars was Steve Taylor, representative of the 9th District.

The morning of the meeting, last Thursday, I sent Steve Taylor a respectful e-mail asking him to vote against this resolution.  As I post this on Monday evening I have yet to receive a response.

No Steve Taylor news release defending, trumpeting his vote. And I doubt we’ll see any mention in his next PRIVILEGED TO SERVE newsletter.

I recently congratulated Supervisor Taylor for a proper vote. His win streak ended at one.

By the way my own supervisor also disappointed.  Dan Sebring also voted in favor of this incredible mess. Sebring ran as a conservative (just like Taylor) but in my view is off to an awful start.

This was a very easy slam dunk vote. That is, if you’re really a conservative.

UPDATE: Dan Sebring did respond to me. More on that later today.

2 thoughts on “Supervisor Steve Taylor is awfully silent on this one, as he should be

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