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Sgt. Steve Wick

Local blood drive

Those who took the challenge



Senator Chris Murphy

Mary Beth Haglin

John Worden

John Nygren


“Apparently speaking at Hillary Clinton’s convention is just one more job Hillary Clinton thinks Americans won’t do. She should have instead invited unemployed Americans, or victims of crime, or law enforcement.”
A Trump campaign aide in an emailed statement as the Democratic Party selected a handful of undocumented immigrants for official roles at this week’s Democratic National Convention, in a bid to highlight the policy divide on immigration between White House hopeful Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump. The picks included two members of the convention credentials and platform committees, as well as several speakers.

“What I found over twenty years is over and over again, you know, Bill messes up, Hillary marches in and saves him. Her father told her life is combat. She is ready to fight. He’s the soft hearted victim. She’s going to go out fight his battles for him she saves him again and again. He rewards her with more affection. Sometimes more power and they’re right back together.

“The president looks like he hasn’t slept for weeks and they are sleeping in separate places (during the Lewinsky scandal) but they come together, she gets up to introduce him and she talks about his commitment and she talks about how important their life is together and then she introduces ‘My husband, Bill Clinton.’ And he gets up and he goes over and not just an air kiss, he grabs her in a Rhett and Scarlet clinch and seduces her all over again. That was the aha moment.”
Clinton fan and biographer, Gail Sheehy, appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America program earlier this week to open coverage of the DNC

Bernie Sanders’ supporters chanting as they demonstrated in the streets of Philadelphia

“Our credibility as a movement will be damaged by booing, turning of backs, walking out or other similar displays, what the corporate media wants. That’s what Donald Trump wants.”
Bernie Sanders in a last-minute email sent to delegates who didn’t listen, booing when Clinton’s name was mentioned

“We trusted you” and “you let us down.”
Bernie Sanders’ supporters yelling during Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the DNC

“The DNC is threatening that they might pull my credentials if I don’t take this off… They want to truly silence me. They don’t even want me to have this much free speech.”
A Wisconsin delegate at the DNC supporting Bernie Sanders, Angie Aker, on her Facebook page. She was wearing tape on her mouth that said “Silenced.” A fellow delegate told a reporter Aker was taking advantage of divisions on the convention floor to increase her presence on social media.

“She (Hillary) has the moral depth of a thimble. Are we supposed to take this, or are we supposed to rise up?”
Liz Maratea, 31, a Bernie sanders delegate from New Jersey, said she refuses to lay down arms and accept Mrs. Clinton as the nominee.

“Ageism sucks! You’re old. You shouldn’t be making decisions on our future.”
Robert Shearer, a 33-year old Bernie Sanders delegate from California responding after Sue Savary, a 69-year old delegate  made the mistake of referring to Sanders supporters around her as “kids.”

“Can I just say to the Bernie or Bust people — you’re being ridiculous.”
Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman, an outspoken Sanders supporter who got booed while appearing alongside Sen. Al Franken

“I understand that many people here in this convention hall and around the country are disappointed about the final results of the nominating process. I think it’s fair to say that no one is more disappointed than I am. Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her here tonight.”
Bernie Sanders at the DNC

“Sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution. We welcome all voters who want to fix our rigged system and bring back our jobs.”
A Donald Trump tweet

“Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life. When she didn’t win the nomination 8 years ago, she didn’t get angry or dissolution.”
Michelle Obama at the DNC

“Note to DNC: Stop Blaming Putin, YOU Wrote the Emails”
Headline, PJMedia, July 26

“I started a business and I didn’t do it with a million dollar check from my father. I believe we need a president who is a problem solver and not a bomb thrower.”
Former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg at the DNC

“This guy [Trump] doesn’t have a clue about the middle class, not a clue.  He has no clue about what makes America great. In fact, he has no clue period.”
VP Joe Biden at the DNC

“Time and again, you picked me up.  I hope I picked you up too.  You’re who I was talking about 12 years ago.  It’s been you who fueled my dogged faith in the future.  Hope in the face of uncertainty.  America, you’ve vindicated that hope.  I’m ready to pass the baton…join me to reject cynicism and fear and elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States and show the world we still believe in the greatness of this nation.
President Obama at the DNC

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”
Donald Trump, who later said he was being sarcastic about the reference to Hillary’s deleted e-mails.

“I do think there was something about his reference to Russia, which, whether planned or not, is extremely clever. I’m not the first point out that it set a trap that the Clinton campaign fell right into. In that statement that you showed from the Clinton campaign, it said, you know, you’re inviting a foreign power to invade our national security. Now, these are the emails that she deleted because they were supposedly private. These the ones that were supposedly not work-related. These are ones where she discusses her yoga lessons and wedding planning. So, if that’s what really [is] in the 30,000 deleted e-mails, then there’s no national security to be involved at all. So, the Clinton campaign ends up admitting that perhaps there really is work-related, if not classified stuff, on the emails which she deleted, which I think would be the grounds for a charge of obstruction.”
Charles Krauthammer

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”
Hillary Clinton at the DNC’s final day

Through all these years of public service, the ‘service’ part has always come easier to me than the ‘public’ part. I get it that some people just don’t know what to make of me.”
Hillary Clinton at the DNC’s final day

“Instead of giving the speech of her life on the biggest night of her life, Clinton delivered an uninspired and uninspiring wish list of all the things she and other Democrats would get Washington to do.

“Big things, little things, everything. Her core principle, if it can be called a principle, is that government is here to take charge, making her theme of ‘stronger together’ suddenly seem like a warning that her main goal is building an all-consuming federal bureaucracy.

“On top of earlier vows to issue even more executive orders than Obama, she promises a more powerful, more intrusive government across the board, with no problem too big or too small for its focus.

“All that ‘compassion’ would be expensive, meaning higher taxes and more national debt.”
Michael Goodwin, NY Post

“We’ve had a quieter convention because the delegates have been threatened. They’ve had food thrown at them. I’ve had people wagging their finger in my face. They can’t threaten us anymore. They can’t take my credentials. It’s over tonight. I don’t have to be a good girl anymore. I don’t have to take it anymore. There’s too much suspicion, too much corruption. They stole this. They took it. I’m mad. I know Bernie says we’re all disappointed. This is so beyond disappointed. This wasn’t a fair election.”
Nadine Gallagher, a Sanders backer from Oklahoma

“They knocked us to the ground. They kicked us, spit on us, stomped on us while we were laying on the ground and then as they walked away they said, ‘Will you be my friend?’ The unity bridge you wanted us to cross over has already been burned to the ground.”
Amber Thomas, an alternate delegate from Oklahoma


Priest beheaded

John Hinckley released


The Democratic Party’s platform


The CNN Democratic Swoon


Those early Olympics

Those ugly uniforms

Hippie parents want your money

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