InterCHANGE memories? How about one more?

Last week I wrote about the cancellation of InterCHANGE where I shared some memories of the 21-year old program.

Goodness gracious, forgot one, a good one.

March 4, 2014:

After a long, long period of suffering serious pain, I was finally ready.

Tuesday, March 4. The West Allis Aurora Medical Center. The last time here Jennifer and I were bringing Kyla home.  Now I awaited hip surgery.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. Nerves or anxiety had never been an issue in anticipation of my procedure. Suddenly, the butterflies were very noticeable.

A woman in complete surgical garb, about the fifteenth medical official I had seen that morning introduced herself, made some notes on a nearby computer and informed me it was show time.

She started wheeling me out of my room and eventually proceeded down a very long hallway. There was nothing but a clear path. About 50 yards away I noticed another individual in that unmistakable hospital wear. Because my glasses had been taken away, the figure was blurry, and while I couldn’t see her all that well, I certainly could hear her.

“Kevin Fischer is that you?”

I had no idea who the woman was, and somehow, covered in blankets and wearing a surgical cap and sans glasses, this woman knew I was.

Never having been in this position before, I had no clue if there was protocol to follow. Was this like a library? Did I need to shush?  What the heck. I threw caution to wind and responded in full voice.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Do you remember me, Blank Blank?”

I paused. I did not. But then she offered more info.

“We met at the produce section at Sendik’s.”

And the light bulb went on. She had recognized me from television last summer or fall when were both shopping.

By then my gurnee had caught up to her and we shook hands as she wished me well. You’re not going to be able to do TV, she observed, and I told her that might be the case for awhile, but that I’d return.

It is indeed a small world. The sweet, kind encounter was just what I need at that juncture.

The nurse who was pushing me didn’t fully make the connection so I told her about how this woman approached me at Sendik’s because she watches me on TV.  When asked what I do, I replied that I do a weekly program on Milwaukee Public Television. Her voice got more excited and louder.


I explained further.

“Oh. Well we’re at the operating room now.”

Quickly but nicely the subject was changed back to the matter at hand.

I was out cold five minutes later on my way to a successful operation.


2 thoughts on “InterCHANGE memories? How about one more?

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  2. Sir,

    Interchange was a favorite here in our NW Wisconsin household.

    I never cared for your politics but I appreciated your communication style. Well done, Sir.

    Chemistry is a rare thing in TV and Interchange had it in spades.

    Best of luck!



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