Jennifer, please hand me my flag shirt

This past Sunday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published this letter:

Flag isn’t a fashion statement

With Memorial Day in our past, and the Fourth of July in our future, I am appalled at the use made of parts of our flag, from swimming suits to T-shirts.

The American flag should be displayed in its entirety as a symbol of the freedom we enjoy, not as part of a fashion statement.

Gary Zehren Oak Creek

Mr. Zehren would definitely not approve of the Fischer family.

I have several flag ties and shirts.

Jennifer has flag shirts, a flag scarf, and recently purchased a flag swimming suit.

Our daughter, Kyla has flag tops, a flag skirt, and a new flag swimming suit to match Mom’s.

We wear them all with pride.

But I can get angry about the flag, and that anger is not misdirected like Mr. Zehren’s.

Here’s my blog from Flag Day, June 14, 2011:

I often get asked about my necktie collection. It’s massive, huge.

Many of my ties contain the American flag including traditional designs, one with the Statue of Liberty, another with Mickey Mouse decked out in red, white, and blue.

I wear them, one and all, with deep pride and love of country. During the mid-90’s, those ties would have been the subject of ridicule from the Democrat Party.

I was working at WTMJ at the time and one of my duties was to produce a daily radio commentary. The summer of 1995 I recall as though it was yesterday. On the floor of the US House of Representatives, the debate was over a flag desecration amendment.

In a nutshell, Republicans opposed flag desecration while Democrats supported doing whatever you wanted to the flag. Set it on fire? Why not! Urinate on it? Go right ahead! Put it on the floor in a museum and have patrons walk all over it and call that art? Of course!

I was able to find video of US House floor debate that inspired one of my WTMJ commentaries nearly 16 years ago. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), in a feeble attempt at being humorous, comes off instead as absurd and ignorant. Ackerman says he doesn’t want to trivialize the issue, then does his ultimate best to do just that.

Watch the following video from the 11:55 mark followed by a great retort from NY Congressman Gerald Solomon and the very eloquent Henry Hyde.

God bless our great country and the flag it stands for. And don’t even think about inflicting even the slightest damage to the Stars and Stripes.

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