UPDATE: In typical Franklin fashion, Franklin residents deliver wrong reaction to bomb threat

Previously on This Just In…

The update, from Mayor Steve Olson’s Facebook page:

There has been a lot of conversation on FaceBook regarding public safety procedures after last week’s bomb threat at the High School. It’s important that Franklin citizens and visitors understand that public safety is the first priority for the City. You should know that emergency preparedness is worked on by our departments regularly and cooperatively. Earlier this year the Health and Fire Departments with the approval of the Common Council embarked on a review of our preparedness that included training sessions. Two review training sessions were held over the winter with a third today (May 31,2016).

Today’s exercise was what’s called a tabletop exercise discussion of a tornado. The guided exercise allowed us to see our strengths and weaknesses and continued the open communications between departments. In addition to me and Council President Wilhelm, departments working together included Fire and Police, Clerk, Health, DPW, Engineering, Water/Sewer, Library, Finance, IT, Admin and others. Each participated in defining their role, strength and weaknesses and things to work on to improve. Safety preparedness doesn’t just happen. Your staff works at it.

Thank you, Mayor Olson, and everyone involved you mentioned.

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