Recommended Reading (05/28/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

The role of memory on Memorial Day

Israel has taught me about Memorial Day, and what I have learned may be instructive to you. In Israel, Memorial Day is a time of national reflection of our communal loss and grief. On Memorial Day here, TV and radio only play sad broadcasts. Every community has a special ceremony. Everybody knows somebody who died. We have many fallen soldiers because we have been in so many wars.

What Did Russ Feingold Know? And When Did He Know It?

Now 16 months after the scandal erupted at the Tomah VA hospital here in Wisconsin, there remains significant misinformation about what elected officials knew, and when they knew it. I am the person who blew the whistle in 2014—here are the facts everyone should know.

Voter ID Horror Stories Aren’t About Voter ID

Voter ID opponents will need better examples to prove their case if they are going to argue that the law intentionally disenfranchises people.

The most dangerous moment for police

As he walked toward the driver’s side of the 1997 Infiniti SUV he had pulled over early Sunday morning, Auburn police Officer Ron Tarentino Jr. was approaching the most vulnerable, dangerous moment and space in a cop’s universe: death’s door.

He was approaching that moment, when a cop isn’t quite sure what he’s got, and that space, where there’s a criminal waiting who has already made up his mind that he is not going back to prison. It is a space and moment when a desperate criminal holds a distinct advantage over a cop who is desperate to know what’s in the mind of the guy sitting in the driver’s seat.

The radical left’s ethnic cleansing of America

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want us to believe that the disappearance of American jobs in “the new global economy” is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the radical left planned the liquidation of white, blue-collar working families in order to “fundamentally transform” America.

Smoking out Clinton

Clinton, with her earnest desire to save us all from ourselves, either bores or annoys: the first because she’s played the power game so long, with the same disdain for honesty and candor; the second because she can’t stop trying to lead us to Purity and Purpose. Her purpose, that of reigning as the world’s Premier Woman.

I have said many uncomplimentary things about Trump in recent months. I am not sorry for saying them. We must, nevertheless, acknowledge this much about him. If he means to bore, he’s the flop of the century. You somehow can’t take your eyes off him.

Robert Reich: Why Trump might win

Throughout the Republican primaries, pundits and pollsters repeatedly told us he’d peaked, that his most recent outrageous statement was his downfall, that he was viewed as so unlikable he didn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination.

But in my travels around the country I’ve found many who support him precisely because of the qualities he’s being criticized for having.

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