In typical Franklin fashion, Franklin residents deliver wrong reaction to bomb threat

UPDATE: Officials question  response

At 9:40 Wednesday morning a computer-generated threat was called into Franklin High School around 9:40 a.m.

Franklin’s outstanding police and fire departments conducted a thorough search of the building and determined the building to be safe for re-entry.

Students and staff were kept outside the building at the athletic complex during the sweep.

The situation was handled, in my view, perfectly.

But this is Franklin where crippling taxes, a total lack of economic development, and zero growth or progress yield long yawns, but a lost kitten sends shockwaves.

Social media had Franklin residents come out of the fetal position long enough to make it to their computers and go nutso.

“I don’t have kids, but they should be further from the school. They should be at least across the street until it is safe.”

“And what happens when someone calls one in as a decoy and you’ve just concentrated all the students to one area and your delusional person is really a gunman. I’m sorry but I would think sporadic groups the best option.”

“So these calls have been happening across the country. Who’s to say the nutcases doing this aren’t making these calls on purpose just to case the evacuation plan and the next time the call will come for a bomb in the school but in reality the real device is in the evacuation area. Where you have everyone sitting nice and close together, like sitting ducks.”

“Shouldn’t everyone be evacuated completely off site? How are we to know the stadium is safe?”

“Can I just point out-and not in this situation, just in general-it’s common knowledge where students will go in the event of these threats. They either go home, or students are concentrated to a field house/football stadium/auditorium usually onsite….is that logically speaking the best plan? Particularly when these locations become public knowledge..?”

For those that feel Franklin conducted this incorrectly, there will be school board and city council positions available this fall. I’m sure they would love you on the panel with such great ideas!!! Just saying!!!

“My son just came home and said ALL THE KIDS were concerned and confused why they were put all together were they could have all been blown up!”

why aren’t buses available? The district can’t buy or lease or retain 5 buses for emergency situations?”

“good question now that I watched the news about Germantown they were able to bus the children home”

Good Lord, the police and school officials are trained and prepared for this kind of security issue. No one got hurt. Everyone was safe.

Folks, the real outrage should be directed at the evil culprits who made the threat.

In one of my favorite movies of all-time, repeated constantly on cable TV, the mayor says to the police chief in “Jaws” that  whoever desecrated a billboard needs to be “hung up by their Buster Browns.”


Save your anger for the crooks, folks, not your local officials who should be commended.

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