They’re back again, Franklin’s Jesse James Gang, the Franklin Public Schools

UPDATE: Our survey did finally arrive in the mail. More on this issue definitely to come. Please check back . Thanks.

I’ll give the Franklin School Board and the school administration this. They excel at sucking up to the taxpayers. For a long time they have somehow managed to lay low. I’ve not blogged about them on my new blog (with the exception of a brief reference to the current bathroom issue), and I seriously can’t recall when I last blogged about them on my previous blog at when they still published blogs.

You knew it couldn’t last. Superintendent Steve Patz who never met a school tax increase he didn’t salivate over is back with another faux tug at the heartstrings to get naïve taxpayers, and they’re out there by the thousands, to come forward and vote to raise their very own already exorbitant property taxes because after all…it’s for the children. And if you’re opposed, you must be at some level below toilet film.

This e-mail has been sent out by the Franklin school district as the first attempt to butter up taxpayers, according to a post left on social media:

Dear Franklin Parents and Guardians,

These are exciting times in the Franklin Public Schools. Our students are succeeding both in and out of the classroom. According to the most recent state reports, Franklin students scored higher across all subject areas than their peers in our athletic conference. In addition, Franklin High School received a “significantly exceeds expectations” rating on the state’s school report card.

We are also very grateful for all the support our community continues to provide the Franklin Public Schools. In 2012, our community supported a referendum to update the high school, which included:

Renovating and adding classrooms
Updating building systems including electrical, plumbing and heating/ventilation
Building the Saber Center, a new performing arts center for community and school use.

We are happy to report these projects were completed on time and within budget. The high school project was the first phase in the District’s Facility Master Plan. The second phase of the plan calls for addressing the needs at Forest Park Middle School.

We need your input to determine if now is the right time, and if so, what should be included in the next phase of the Facility Master Plan. A paper version of the survey has been mailed to every household in the District, and for your convenience, we have also provided a link to take the survey online. Encourage another adult (eligible to vote) in your home to take the mailed survey. Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey.

My first reaction is our family didn’t receive such an e-mail. We don’t have a child/children in Franklin public schools though we pay a fortune for those that do attend.

The school district claims “A paper version of the survey has been mailed to every household in the District, and for your convenience, we have also provided a link to take the survey online.” By golly our household has received nothing.

For those households that got the e-mail, you know, the ones with kids in the school system, I’m sure they will respond enthusiastically.

Tax and spend.

Where do we sign?

Object and here’s what the tax and spenders will say/spin:

It’s just a survey.

Nothing’s set in stone.


No one’s proposing any tax increase.

We just want to hear from you before we proceed.

As if they’re, quote, the good guys.


Their intent is to snow you, screw you.

It’s for little Billie and Susie.

What are they really saying?


5 thoughts on “They’re back again, Franklin’s Jesse James Gang, the Franklin Public Schools

  1. I live in franklin and have a child in school but she goes to oak creek schools I also have received nothing on this … This is the first time I am hearing about it…


  2. If you don’t like it, move! The improvements made to the high school are amazing and worth every dollar! The middle school needs to be updated. We can’t invest enough in our youth – they are our future. We have 1 child and she will graduate next year – we were happy to pay the extra taxes and will continue to pay after she graduates. It is an investment in all of our futures.


    • Ahh, the old classy, intelligent, thoughtful, insightful response that if you don’t agree with me then just move the hell out! What are you, a fan of Franklin alderman Steve Taylor?

      News for you, we love love Franklin, too and want to live here. We just prefer not to be taxed into oblivion and get something in return for living in this Tax Hell. We’ve given enough to our schools, but a lot has gone, not into the classrooms where it should have.

      Don’t insult me and many others who say enough is enough when it comes to taxation. Love high taxes so much? How about paying mine!


  3. When they cut staff and make teachers contribute to there health care and pensions at the same rate as the private sector then maybe. I was born and raised in franklin and it is nothing like it used to be it was a nice place to live without spending a fortune .


  4. I grew up in Franklin, married and moved away, now I’m back and yes the taxes are to high. It’s not the interior or exterior of the schools that help the kids excel, its the teachers and the parents. Why not give us a 4 year old kindergarten.


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