Recommended Reading (04/30/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

Election official: Proposed voter ID information campaign ‘complete waste of money’

Bob Spindell, a member of the Milwaukee Election Commission, said he spoke to about 60 election chiefs on election night.

“I asked, ‘What about voter ID? How did it work?’ Without exception, every chief said there was no problems with voter ID,” Spindell said in testimony before the Government Accountability Board.

ESPN fires Curt Schilling –What about the liberal offenders?

Schilling, to ESPN, is a serial offender. And as a private company, it can terminate an employee for perceived offenses.

OK, so Schilling has to go. But what are the rules?

Hillary earns the black vote with hot sauce

Why does the liberal media let Hillary Clinton get away with insulting black people? And why do black people reward Hillary for her insults with votes?

Debunking the Wage Gap: We Are Not Victims

Rather than pitting men and women against each other and using simplistic numbers to suggest that women are victims, we ought to acknowledge these differences and embrace the choices we make

Needed: Some Will Rogers’ sanity

With incivility running high in our politics and society, we sure could use a dose of sanity from Will Rogers, one of America’s greatest humorists.

The words he spoke about elections during the Great Depression are as helpful to us now as they were then.

How long before we tax churches?

On a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the outspoken host listed organized religion as a tax deadbeat, declared that religions do much more harm than good and demanded that churches in the U.S. be taxed.

This message resonates with a vocal minority of citizens and stirs them up on the pretense of making churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. pay their “fair share”; but the venom in Maher’s pronouncements make this sound like a purely punitive maneuver.

Bring Back Etiquette

We have lost much by chucking etiquette out the window, and what has taken its place is not an improvement.

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