She’s HOW OLD?

I was in high school. An adolescent.

One day I walked into the middle of a heavy discussion between two of my male friends. They were talking about what teenage boys usually talk about: girls. But in this case it was actually about women.

The question up for debate was simple. Who was sexier?


For the millennials reading that’s Raquel Welch vs. Ann-Margret.

I saw no wrong answer here. Especially when I was 16 at the time this particular debate took place.

Hard to believe.

Ann-Margret turned 75 today.


The sex-symbol of the '60s who became a two-time Oscar nominee in the '70s will receive the fest's King Vidor Award on Saturday.

I believe my wife will look great when she’s 75.  But I won’t know for sure because if not underground I’ll be in a corner somewhere drooling.

From “Viva Las Vegas”…


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