Reader finds irony in Franklin’s Tablegate

Tablegate. Let me briefly recap. That’s when three Franklin Common Council members did the following at their last meeting.

First they attempted through an amendment to reduce the number of proposed tables at Franklin’s amazingly popular Kayla’s Playground from 12 to 6. They failed.

Next, the same three voted against the original idea of having 12 tables. They failed again.

Finally they decided to hold the matter over until the next meeting claiming they needed more information (even though they didn’t say that in the first place. Funny how they would have been content with 6 tables even without having data they later said they needed from city staff).

One of my readers e-mailed me about Tablegate.

Something as trivial as 6 picnic tables vs 12 picnic tables is a reason to table an issue at the Common Council level so that the staff can re-calculate the data? Let me help… going from 12 tables to 6 is a reduction of 1/2.

Love that sarcasm.

The e-mailer then pointed out that at a recent Plan Commission meeting a motion was made to table a proposal on a potential $130 million project, that being Ballpark Commons. The Plan Commission had only a couple of days to review a large number of documents, suggestions, recommendations and exceptions.

The motion to table so as to allow more time to review went nowhere. The Plan  Commission then voted 4-1 to support Ballpark Commons. Their recommendation then went to the full Common Council that voted to move the project along (which I support by the way).

It seems people are engaged. People are paying attention. For Franklin that’s practically miraculous.

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